Everyone Looks Better In…


It’s probably pretty obvious that I love these Sunglasses. I’ve worn them every chance I get; any tiny  break of sunshine through these clouds, and I’m grabbing the sunnies. Love.


So this is the little tiny break of trees right in our yard. We live in such a nice little out-of-the way country neighborhood. The road is relatively a quiet one, except for the dogs across the road who barked at me the entire time I was taking pictures. I know that one of them is named Daisy, and one is Nestor, and there’s a third one that the owner never yells at who must be a very well behaved pup. It makes me laugh every time they start barking and I just hear “Daaaaaisy!!! Neeestooor! Shut UP!” from the house across the street.


Other than the excitement of those dogs across the street, life has been pretty quiet. I surprised Mr. Owl last night with a fancy dinner, just for the fun of it. I put on my fanciest ballgown, and wrote a note on the door that he was to go straight upstairs and change into the velvet jacket, bowtie, and vest I laid out for him. It worked out perfectly! Since we don’t have a lot of decorations yet, I pulled out as much as I could and ended up using mostly leftovers from our wedding! In the new metal fruit bowl, I dumped the potpourri and pinecones we’d scattered over the dessert tables, added a tall candle, and set our cake-toppers beside the candle. I scattered some little tealights, put our two prettiest crystal-flower candleholders on the plates, and rolled up our fancy napkins in the cups. (Here’s the table.) And then, spur of the moment, I decided to hang some of the paper lanterns we have above the table. It was the perfect finishing touch!

And after dinner, we danced to Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. in the living room. I discovered at my brother-in-law’s wedding that Mr. Owl really loves to dance with me, and I might try to get him to dance more at home, because it was SO romantic. Sigh.

I think I might start doing random stuff like that more often!


I feel like my style might be changing for Spring. I’ve been really attracted to geometric prints and (prepare for shock) jeans and very much more modern outfits that have only a touch of retro or vintage in them. And after reading the little interview I did with Tieka (it was so fun having her as my first featured blogger!) and how her own style changes throughout the seasons, I realized… seasons really are great for changing up your style and figuring out what elements you want to carry through the year to make it all still “you.” I feel as much me in Monday’s outfit as this one, but to me they look SO different!

Ah, style. It’s so easy to put together, but so hard to find a thematic flow! And maybe it’s just me, liking some sort of same-ness to my look throughout the year.

IMG_0163 Another pair of shoes I LOVE. I found these booties at Goodwill (barely worn!) and I have seriously been wearing them almost every day of the week.


Forever 21: Sweater
Thrifted: Dress and heels
Target: Tights
Modcloth (gift): Sunglasses
Gift: scarf

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Happy Wednesday!


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