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Owl Love You Forever

  I made an album on Facebook yesterday called “Crazy Thrifted Buys” because yesterday at the thrift store, I bought three things that my husband would undoubtedly roll his eyes at: this vintage 70’s gown(which I adore regardless), this early 60’s shift (which is just random and I couldn’t resist), and the dress I am… Read More Owl Love You Forever


Spring Brights

I was doing my makeup when my husband got dressed this morning, and although I knew he was wearing yellow pants and a blue coat, it didn’t really dawn on me that we would match when I got dressed. I only wore this dress because I was trying out some new bright eyeshadow, and the… Read More Spring Brights



As if I wasn’t girly enough already, today I feel like a culmination of everything it means to be feminine. Pink? Check. Purple? Double check. Heels? Of course! Shiny things? Yes. Everywhere. Painted nails? For once, check. Twirly skirt? Well… close enough. It’s rare that even I feel too girly, but this outfit… I feel… Read More Girliness.