Spring Brights

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I was doing my makeup when my husband got dressed this morning, and although I knew he was wearing yellow pants and a blue coat, it didn’t really dawn on me that we would match when I got dressed. I only wore this dress because I was trying out some new bright eyeshadow, and the bright dress seemed fitting.

But I think that’s how it is, living with someone. Before Mr. Owl, my mom and I would almost always come out of our rooms dressed in the same colors, and it seemed often when my out-of-state friends would come to stay for a week, we’d always end up matching. I think you sort of unconsciously gravitate towards colors or styles that compliment the attire of the people you’re around and close to.



At any rate, I LOVE this outfit. I love this dress, these heels, this coat, these sunglasses, the barely-there tights, the colors… and the fact that everything I’m wearing has a pattern on it. How often do you get to wear four patterns (floral, windowpane, dots, and houndstooth) and four different color combos (blue and white (and the inside of this coat is orange with white polka dots!), black and white, yellow/white/black, and pink (tights, although it’s barely noticeable)) and NOT look like a crazy person?


Yesterday was pretty quiet; I think being dressed alike and taking outfit pictures in the bitter cold was the most exciting part of the day. Otherwise, we just went to church, puttered around Goodwill and Antique stores (Okay, that was fun), went to my parents’ house so I could paint her some chickens on her pots (she saw my owl pots and wanted some of her own), and then went to his parents’ currently vacated house to watch the next episode of Once Upon a Time and use their hot tub. I love hot tubs.



My hair feels like it’s getting SO long lately! I love it. I can’t wait for the day when it’s waist-length again; I really miss that length of hair, and I will so totally go as an elf to one of the next Hobbit movies if it’s long enough by then.



I’ve been playing around with makeup lately, in particular fake eyelashes. They are SO fun! I wouldn’t want to wear them daily, but for special occasions they’re pretty great, and if you have the right type of glue (I didn’t know there were different ones for strip eyelashes vs single ones) it’s MUCH easier to put them on. And they’re actually nice because I’m not swiping tons of mascara on. Instead, I pop on the lashes, swipe once with mascara, and I’m done!

IMG_0119So, great story about these shoes (which I LOVE): I saw them a few weeks ago at Kohl’s on sale for around $20. I loved them, but being me, I couldn’t quite justify spending $20 on heels (boots or shoes I’ll wear more often, maybe.) So I decided against getting them. Then on Friday, we went back to Kohl’s, and I saw them again. I tried them on, loved them the same, and thought “Eh, why not?” And then I looked at the price tag.

And they had been marked down… to $4.49. (That’s not a typo). Seriously. This is a pair of shoes that was originally $59.99. And I got them for four and a half bucks.

I officially love Kohl’s now.



Modcloth: Sunglasses
Target: Coat (a few years ago)
Thrifted: Dress {Similar}, Belt
Forever 21: Tights
Kohl’s: Heels {Similar}

And that’s why I’m constantly shopping the clearance section.

Did you all do anything fun this weekend? Mr. Owl’s leg has been hurting, so we stayed home on Saturday and cleaned (our house needed cleaning So badly!) and I painted some little clay pots with owls and planted herbs in them (I hope they grow!) and then, of course, I found these fantastic shoes. And two leaf brooches at Goodwill. Tell me about your weekend!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday to start off your week!

(P.S. Can you believe it’s March already? Gah! I’m going to be 25 next month!)


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