Tied up in Knots


Let me tell you a story. This story involves a girl, a shirt, and a problematic situation involving buttons.

You see, this girl loves to wear pretty button-up shirts tied up, and thinks they look swell. But the fact is, those button-up shirts dislike staying buttoned, and as life would have it the girl’s shirt decides that outfit-picture taking time is the perfect time to unbutton, and thus she doesn’t notice that half her outfit pictures were taking with a scandalously wide gape on her upper half.

And the girl has to go re-take her outfit pictures.

IMG_0979Of course, this situation is nowhere near as horrible as the time said girl’s shirt decided to unbutton somewhere between the time she was browsing Goodwill with her husband and the time she noticed her shirt was unbuttoned in the grocery store forty-five minutes later. And when the girl asked her husband why he didn’t say anything, he merely shrugged and said he thought her buttons just gaped really wide. Like, five inches wide.

And the girl experienced mortification that she’d been wandering the grocery store and possibly Goodwill for who knows how long, giving everyone a good view of her lacy bra.

Suffice it to say, the girl has since learned that safety-pins are her best friend.



PicMonkey Collage

Wardrobe malfunctions make the best stories, don’t they? What sort of malfunctions have you had? Were you in public, or thankfully in private? Despite my double-occurring malfunctions with button-up shirts, I will continue to wear them. Because I like the way they look.

When they’re properly buttoned, I mean. 😉


 Thrifted/Vintage: blouse, skirt, flamingo pin
Target: heels
Hawaii Flea Market: Rings

And, actually, it was good that I had to re-take these pictures because the sun came out after my wardrobe malfunction, thus the lighting was much prettier.

I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! It’s my Friday. Yay!

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  • Salazar

    Ha! Thank God I’ve never had a wardrobe malfunction out in public, but there was one time, also after taking outfit pictures, I realized that my slip was showing in all of them. It was quite a scramble to retake those pictures. Anyway, I love your blouse!

  • nay

    haha i’ve been there, luckily i always notice in time, but is still so annoying, safety pins are definitely the best solution.

  • Feathers & Freckles

    These are gorgeous photos!! I love that top, the skirt, the shoes, and that flamingo pin (so, all of it!). I’ve never had a wardrobe malfunction thankfully, unless you count the time I jumped into a pool and my top flipped up when I hit the water. That was awkward, but thankfully I was only around family 😀

  • Jamie Rose

    Hahaha I think most of us with boobs have issues with button-down shirts! Sometimes I’ll look down and my shirt will be inconveniently unbuttoned so my bra is showing. Good times.
    Anyway! The colors in this outfit are so pretty! I love your shirt tied up like that and those wedges are adorable.

  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    That’s awful! I’m actually quite used to using safety-pins when I’m wearing button-down shirts (unless I’m wearing an undershirt). My uniform in high school always needed a safety-pin ’round the chest area, not because the button came undone but because of the gap between the buttons!