Jean jackets and floral dresses


You guys, dare I say it? Yes. I dare. SPRING IS HERE!

Given, it’s still unpleasantly cold (say, upper 40’s and damp;t he dampness makes it unpleasant) in the morning, but it has been full-on sunny and sixty in the afternoon, and I love it! It’s making me long for summer already, though. Is that bad?


I got this jean jacket the other day after seeing a few different lovely bloggers sporting jean jackets, and I’m so glad I did! I don’t even know how to describe what my spring style is going towards– floral, maybe more modern, with lots of tied-up shirts and high-waisted skirts. It’s definitely changing, but in a good way. I think every time I tried to be super vintage or super modern, it just didn’t click. I love the vintage style, but it’s not quite all me, and I love modern style as well, but again… not me. This, though, is somewhere in the middle that just feels right.


It actually got so warm taking pictures in the shaded sunlight that I had to take off my jacket. This was totally not a gimmick for the camera (okay, maybe it was. A little.)


How is the weather where you all live? I’ve heard some people are still getting blizzards, which at this point doesn’t sound fun. I wanted snow for the longest time, but now that it’s finally getting warmer, snow can stay away. I want summer, and hiking, and camping, and state fairs, and Farmer’s Markets, and all of those things that just aren’t that great in the winter.

IMG_0905IMG_0907 IMG_0910

This anklet is actually a bracelet, I think. But it was too big for my wrists, so I decided to put it elsewhere. I’m not usually an anklet type of person, but I think this is delicate and unique enough that I’ll wear it often. And I can always wear it as a bracelet, carefully. It’s adjustable, but I must have small wrists because even on the smallest link, I can slide it over my hand. Oh, well!


Target: Dress, necklace, belt
Forever 21: Ring, anklet
Walmart: Sandals
Thrifted: Jacket

I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday! I’m super excited that it’s almost the weekend! (My weekend, anyway, since I have Fridays off…)

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