Heat Waves


Yesterday was the most beautifully hot day ever. After work, I immediately changed into this because my work outfit just wasn’t cutting it for the heat. Those of you that have followed my blog forever will know that this skirt used to be a pair of shorts. Hideous ones. But, obviously, it was nothing a pair of scissors and a little stint at the sewing machine couldn’t change!


We went downtown Gig Harbor for ice cream when Mr. O. got home, and as you can see, while we strolled in the heat, my hair fluffed out for the first time… ever. I’ve never dealt with frizzy hair before because my hair is naturally very straight and slick, but now that it’s been bleached it has decided to act out and be frizzy. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best inexpensive heat-protective hair products? I need to find something that will protect my new blonde locks from using the blow dryer (which I don’t use often anyway) and the curling iron.


We discovered a new dock while we were wandering. I wish we lived on the water here; it’s so cool and refreshing to just sit on the dock and dip your feet in the ocean in the heat of the day! I love water anyway, and I’ve always wanted to live right on the sea. Someday, maybe!

Then again, I also really want a farmhouse. So I might have to settle for a farmhouse five minutes from the water (because those exist here) and just walk to the beach.


So I haven’t talked much about my progress post-whole 30. After the last day of the whole 30, I started to reintroduce other foods and discovered that dairy gives me a major headache and… some digestive problems, and sugar (especially in chocolate, as in… candy bars, sigh) gives me the biggest stomach ache ever. It’s so, so sad. But I haven’t been eating very healthily since we completed our thirty days, and I gained back the tiredness, body aches, and five pounds I’d shed during the run of healthy eating.

So this week I have been determined to eat healthy again and forego sugary dairy-ful foods, because I really miss feeling energetic and sleeping better.


But yesterday, as I mentioned, it was super hot so we had ice cream, and I regretted it later. Well, not exactly regretted it… I just felt the consequences last night and this morning. Dairy is definitely only ever going to be an occasional special treat from now on!


How has the weather been for all of you? I really hope the heat stays; I LOVE hot weather. I need to get some more summery clothes, though, because currently my closet consists of lots of sweaters, wool skirts, and very few summery dresses. IMG_1377

Target: Tank top, Sandals
Forever 21: Necklace
Renaissance Faire: Arm band
Modcloth: Sunglasses
Thrifted: Skirt

I don’t know how much I’ll be posting for the rest of the week; since I am working full time and trying to be good and go to the gym after work, I may not have any time to take outfit pictures except for the weekends. But I’ll try my darndest! I love blogging and taking outfit pictures and reading other blogs; it inspires me to not be lazy, and to always have fun with what I wear.

I hope you are all having a fantastic week so far! Happy Wednesday!

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  • Elana

    That second picture with the fluffy hair… That’s the ground state of being of my hair. Mine isn’t caused by damage though, my hair just loves to stand in all directions while being limp and straight at the same time. My hairdresser did tell me that a silicon-based spray can help for that, but she didn’t tell me a brand. Probably as I wasn’t showing any interest. Having a hair-halo is just my thing, you know. 😉

  • Salazar

    The print on that skirt is beautiful – I can see why you want to salvage that! It’s been getting hotter and hotter here as well, but there’s a lot of rain too so it’s not as bad (I hate hot weather, in case you can’t tell :P) The annoying thing is that the rain makes everything so muggy.

  • Marlen

    ooo i am LOVING you in blonde!! i saw a sneak peak of it on chictopia and had to click over here and see 🙂 And i can’t believe those were a pair of shorts before- you my friend are crafty crafty. and i love the arm bracelet! so cute!

    xo Marlen
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  • Jamie Rose

    Haha I hate hot weather with a fury, but I adore this summery outfit on you! The blue shade looks gorgeous with your new blonde hair. Also, shorts skirt!! I remember when it was shorts, but they’re definitely cuter as a skirt. The pattern reminds me of china. This arm band is so cool too!