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Karina Dresses sent me the Tara for review. All opinions are my own! Affiliate links are used in this post. If you click to purchase through my links, I earn a small commission which goes to help support this blog. Thank you!Holidays with Karina Dresses | Holidays with Karina Dresses |

Now that Halloween is past, I know many, many people have already gotten deep into the spirit of Christmas. Personally, I don’t decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is past — this year, my whole family is going Christmas-tree-hunting the day after Thanksgiving — but when Karina Dresses asked if I’d review a dress from their Holiday Collection, I had to say yes! You already heard me gush about the Ruby in this post, which is my go-to lazy day dress, but now let’s talk about the Tara!

Holidays with Karina Dresses | eyreeffect.comHolidays with Karina Dresses |

With its longer length and sweetheart-esque neckline, the Tara is an especially easy piece to dress up or dress down. I’ve found myself wearing it with black flats for quick errands, to church with my black Chase & Chloe heels and this same cardigan, or thus which would be a fantastic outfit for a date or a Christmas party. In fact, since the dress I had originally planned to wear for Christmas just may not fit my ever-growing baby bump by then, this is my backup plan for Christmas day!

Aside from being a gorgeous option for the holidays, I again have to point out how bump-friendly this dress is. Much like the Ruby, it has a higher waistline that will allow me to wear it through most, if not all, of my pregnancy.  And like the Ruby, it has an overlapping neckline that will be perfect for breastfeeding. Holidays with Karina Dresses | eyreeffect.comHolidays with Karina Dresses | eyreeffect.comHolidays with Karina Dresses | In my last post I mentioned briefly that Karina Dresses is a 100% American-made company, and that as such I believe even though $108 is, for me, a lot to spend on a dress, they’re definitely worth investing in. I learned later that one of the reasons they price their dresses as such is so that they are able to pay their sewing team a fair and livable wage. They truly believe in bringing manufacturing back to the US, and are doing their best to bring jobs back into their community.

While I would gladly have invested $108 on a Karina Dress not knowing this, the fact that they work so hard to create jobs and pay fair wages while being 100% US based as just solidified that decision for me. I love knowing that these dresses are not only made with the utmost care and quality, but that they also support an effort to build better lives and opportunities for people.

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Excitingly for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the Karina Dresses craze, there will be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! All customers will receive 30% off their entire order, which is a fabulous deal. If, like me, you’ve got your eye on a few styles, this weekend is the time to buy!

Holidays with Karina Dresses | eyreeffect.comHolidays with Karina Dresses | Holidays with Karina Dresses |

In the next month or two, you may notice that my posts are going to slow down to once a week. I’ve decided to take a small step back until I reach the second trimester of this pregnancy (I am currently ten weeks along) because I’ve had some spotting. Even though it is pretty normal and I am healthy, it’s a little disconcerting all the same, and a little slow-down of everything is just what I need.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week, if you celebrate! We plan to spend the day with my family as well as my husband’s family, and will literally be hopping from one meal to the next. It’s going to be a good day.

Tara dress, c/o Karina Dresses | cardigan, Amazon | heels, Amazon | belt, from another dress | brooch and earrings, vintage (same in brown here or here, silver here, and green here )

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