Polka dots and perfect red skirts

Have you ever done that thing where you publish a post and then go back a few hours later and decide you really don’t like it? Yeah, I just did that. I had another post up, but I just… really didn’t like the pictures or the post. So it’s gone. Is that weird? 


I have been looking for a red skirt to add to my wardrobe for AGES. I cannot tell you how many red skirts I’ve tried on in the last few months in search of that perfect one; so many of them were too short, too straight, just fit wonky, or didn’t fit at all. Or were nice, but too expensive for my little budget.

But a week or two ago, I went to Goodwill and I saw this one there. I tried it on, liked it, but decided to leave it there because it was $5 and the waist was just a tad bit too tight. Not that $5 for a skirt is too much, just too much when the fit isn’t quite as good as I wanted and isn’t as easy to fix. (If it had been too large, I could totally have taken it in. But it’s hard to make things bigger.)IMG_1539

But then we went back to Goodwill on Saturday, and this skirt was still there. I grabbed a few other (crappy) red skirts to try on as well, and when I tried this one on again, I tossed all of the others and decided…. what the heck, I can endure a slightly-too-tight waistline for an otherwise perfect $5 skirt.

Imagine when I discovered that it was on the tag sale, and was $2.50 instead!

Totally sold. IMG_1540

So on Mother’s day, I endured a slightly-too-tight waistline on the otherwise perfect skirt while we stuffed ourselves with Cornish Game Hens, mashed potatoes (my favorite), and grilled asparagus… and I regretted just slightly that I’d bought the skirt with the tight waistline.

But only for a moment. Because otherwise, this skirt is just perfect. It even has pockets!IMG_1547

And there you see what I do when I have no idea what pose to do.

Okay, I actually was in the middle of stretching to put my  hands on my head, and then I thought that was a bad idea so I went to put them down and he caught me before I got my arms where they should have been.IMG_1550

Does anyone else ever struggle with being photographed vs working with a tripod and selftimer? I have found that even though it makes getting certain shots more difficult, I prefer using my tripod to being photographed. Nothing against my husband, because as you can see he’s an excellent photographer, but I know the timing of the camera. I know when it’s going to go off, where to set it for the best angle, and what to tell it to do to get the shots I want.

My husband, however, doesn’t beep faster and faster right before he’s about to take the picture, and I never know what shot he’s going for next.

And I’m not a good communicator in this area, so I often forget to tell him what I want… and basically… I’ll admit: I’m a total control freak when it comes to pictures and I’m a really, really  bad collaborator. I want what I want, but I don’t know how to tell you what I want. And I also don’t take direction very well. Or suggestions.IMG_1556IMG_1570IMG_1562

I wish I still lived close to this location. This is the beach by my parents’ house, and it’s beautiful. Stinky, mushy, full of sand fleas and pooping geese, but still beautiful. I LOVE the water. I hope one day when we buy a house of our own, it’s somehow close to the water while still having enough property to wander… with a creek.

A girl can dream, right?IMG_1578


Fred Meyer: Top
Thrifted: Skirt, belt, heels, brooch
From the yard: Daisies in my hair

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


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  • Sarah With A Bow

    I don’t know where to start….

    1. I have totally made a slightly too small purchase for those exact same reasons.

    2. You look awesome. Your blonde hair is kickass, I love the skirt and top combo, etc. Seriously. (:

    3. I know I’ve made two false attempts, but I ACTUALLY have free time now. I quit a job and now have weekends all to myself… which means we an REALLY meet up. If you want to send me an email, I’ll give you my phone number and we can work something out!

    4. I have thought about deleting a lot of posts, but I won’t let myself. It might be weird, but I’d rather have the not-so-awesome posts up, too, just to remind myself.

  • Salazar

    Ha, I just deleted a whole set of outfit photos last week because I hated, hated that outfit (what the heck was I thinking?!) Luckily they haven’t made it to an actual post though.

    For $2.50, that dress is awesome! But then I’m always partial to button-front skirts…

  • Girl and Closet

    Oooh this location and photos are just dreamy. We live on the waterfront but in a condo and it was one of our main reasons for moving. Such a pretty location and the perfect way to escape a busy week. And your red skirt + polka dotted shirt are just darling. Aw haha, love that you deleted your post. I can totally relate!! xo

  • Kristi Beitler

    This looks so good on you. I love that top with the scoop back. I wish I could wear clothes like that, but when I was in a different phase of my life I got a tattoo between my shoulders that I now loathe and hate to show.

  • Jamie Rose

    Yeah I find that I get a larger amount of usable pictures when I take them myself which is always good. I get more variety and different angles when I have my sister take them though! So I like to mix it up between the two.
    Anyway, this red skirt is awesome and what a great deal! I know what you mean about slightly too tight waistlines though. I always regret my choice when a tasty meal happens!