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The Tougher Days

1 Today was one of those days where I would really have loved to stay in bed and play Banana Kong all day. I don’t mean to say pregnancy is a terrible thing; don’t get that wrong. I love being pregnant, if not so much for the symptoms then for the knowledge that I’m going to have a child. I love this baby belly that’s growing and growing by the hour (it seems!). I love finding new confidence in what I’m wearing, and wearing whatever I want because I can totally tell people “Hey, I’m pregnant, I can do what I want!”

I love this new sensation of a baby moving under my skin (I THINK I feel it, anyway!)

But pregnancy is hard. Today was hard. Mr. Owl and I have discussed possibly having me work until December since now I need a bunch of dental work (pregnancy sucks away your calcium) and we’re saving up to pay the midwife, and today… it overwhelmed me. I was in the work bathroom on my knees feeling like I’d throw up for the second time today, exhausted, and crying because sometimes I don’t feel like I can take it. I’m not strong enough to work and be pregnant. I don’t know how some women do it!

3  If I have to, I will. But you know. Some days, life is a lot to take.

I feel like I don’t have grounds to complain, though, because I live an incredibly blessed life. I’m married to a loving, hardworking, heartthrob of a man who adores me (and this baby we’re having), I live in a lovely house with power and food (and a really comfy bed), I have parents, siblings, and in-laws who are amazing, my husband and I have money enough to pay bills and buy small trinkets on the side, and really… having to work for four more months shouldn’t seem that bad. 4

I’ll just have to keep remembering that it’s temporary. That God will provide, and maybe I won’t have to work as long as we think I will. Maybe my vintage shop will take off, or my photography venture. Maybe the blog will attract more sponsors who will help me stay home. Maybe I’ll find work I can do from our house. Who knows what will happen!

Today, though, as soon as this blog is done I won’t lie: I’m going to lay on the couch (or in bed) and play Banana Kong, because that game is addicting! (Sounds ridiculous, I know, but seriously: I love it. Must be grown from my love of Donkey Kong.)
(P.S. I find it totally weird that I don’t look pregnant at ALL in the above picture!)7  In other news, can you believe how long my hair is getting? I washed it last night, and this is what it looks like brushed, slept on wet, and not brushed in the morning. Generally if I air-dry it all the way it’s completely straight, but I dig the wavy thing sleeping on it does! I can’t wait until it’s waist-length. Then, I’ll get myself some pointy ears and a flowy dress, and pretend to be an elf. 8 9  The view looking down: actually, I think the camera sees more than I do. My toes are quickly going to become rarely-seen friends. It’s getting harder to bend over. This belly of mine (hellooooo baby!) is expanding so fast now that I’m officially 4 months along! I love it!5

Vintage: Dress
Target: Heels
Forever 21: Necklace
Thrifted: Belt

I hope you all have a beautiful Thursday!


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  • Sarah Whiting

    You know, I think if we all think about it, we can find reasons for why we shouldn’t complain. But, I happen to think that every person is different, and struggles are different for each person, and while working while being pregnant might not be a huge deal to one person, it’s okay for it be a difficult thing for you. You are blessed, but that doesn’t mean that life is without difficulty for you and you ought to feel free complain a little. 🙂

    As always, you are gorgeous and I miss you.

  • Becca Lee

    I’m sorry you’re having a rough time today! Try not to worry too much, you’ll get things sorted out! I hope the relaxation is just what you need and you feel nice and renewed tomorrow!

    In other news, you are gorgeous, and I adore that dress!

    Ladyface Blog

  • Salazar

    You know, you’re carrying another person in your belly, for God’s sake, so complain away. And hopefully the morning sickness thing will wear off soon.
    Your hair looks gorgeous, btw. Hey, maybe come Halloween my hair will be longer too and we can be elves together 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      Haha! Oh, thank you. That kind of made my day, how blunt you were about it! 🙂 Also: YES! Let’s do it. We’ll be elves for Halloween; although… I’ll be really pregnant by then, I think, so… pregnant elf?

  • Kelly

    I change my mind, it’s not good. The banter between Jane and Mr. Rochester is awkward and Mr. Rochester is not in character at all and the circumstances are unbelievable and I’ve stopped watching to preserve my mental health.

  • Marlen

    yea i was going to say you don’t even look prego in these photos, haha! and that’s too bad you’re having such a hard time- i’m thinking of those times i went into work feeling under the weather and i DEFINITELY didn’t want to stay there all afternoon. i very much sympathize. but a few more months isn’t so bad- you’ll see that they’ll fly by in a moment 😉

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  • Magalie

    I know exactly what you mean! My due date is January 18th which means I will have to work until January 11th.. Not looking forward to it but yeah, not much we can do about it right? 🙂

  • Kristian Satterlee

    I love how positive you are about things that are hard. You look so lovely in these photos too.