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I spent most of the day today in my underclothes, being sticky and hot, split between finishing Catching Fire and cleaning the upstairs of our house. And, to be honest, I only got dressed properly because we had to leave the house. But today has felt like a day for simplicity, so I resorted to a color I rarely wear (black), disregarded all accessories except my Arwen necklace, and went for a no-makeup makeup look that I might actually try more often. 6 Some days, simplicity is just the best. Especially on these last hot and especially humid (for Washington) days of summer. I’m SO excited for fall– for tights, pumpkin pie, deep hues, scarves, boots– even if that does mean that the spiders will be routinely attempting to inhabit my house for warmth.

12 I’m also excited to see what I can do with fashion as I get ever more pregnant. This little man is definitely starting to make his presence known! One of my close friends recently told me she was very impressed with ingenuity in making a wardrobe that is pregnancy-friendly, and that she had been expecting me to be in maternity shirts and jeans all the time. Which is a completely understandable expectation, given that I’m gaining belly and it seems like jeans might be much easier to wear.

8  But I don’t think I quite deserve the praise, because it’s so easy for me to wear a dress, and so hard for me to wear jeans. I have never liked them, and I’ve never been able to really style pants in a way that I love. They just boggle me.

I do hope that my determination to keep wearing fun clothes through pregnancy (and find clothes that aren’t necessarily maternity all the way through) helps other pregnant women figure out how to cope with their beautifully changing bodies! I’ve not yet felt self-conscious about pregnancy, but I’m sure those days will come.

119 10 I can’t believe I’m already five months pregnant. My little baby Owl is certainly starting to make himself known! He’s been very active today; lots of kicking and pressing against my bladder, and I love it! Well, I love the former, anyway…

If the movement is any indication, he’ll be just like his daddy. He loves sugar, movies (noise), and got really kicky every time Mr. Owl was talking to me.

4 Target dress and sandals | Gifted Evenstar Necklace

This has been my first full week of not working in the office, and you wouldn’t believe the transformation my house has undergone. It’s so clean now! Well… almost. I still have a few little corners to dust out and wash up, but I’ve finally hung up all of the clothes, cleaned the bathroom, kept the dishes done all week, and things are looking pretty sparkly. I love it!

What are you doing this weekend? It’s a long one for us, being Labor Day on Monday, but so far all we have planned is a dump run, and a long-awaited lawn-mowing session (this is not our yard, it’s my in-law’s. Ours is a waist-high field of grass and dandelions.)

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday, and happy Weekend!


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  • Jamie Rose

    I love this simple outfit. You look so pretty! This black and white striped dress is perfect for a super hot day. I’m definitely looking forward to fall too, though. It’s time for some layering! And I can definitely see how dresses are easier than pants when pregnant. It’s one piece after all. They’re actually always easier than pants!

  • Salazar

    I agree about the make-up – your face looks super soft and pretty (not that it doesn’t look pretty with the other make-up, but I prefer this natural, everyday look.) How frustrated you are with Catching Fire already?

  • Marlen

    Yea, what has been going on with this heat this week? i hated it, hahah. and i’ve been feeling kind of simple lately too. i haven’t had the creativity for layers and just went easy breezy. and you look so pretty without makeup. curse you and your gawgeousness.

    xo marlen
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