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Princess Leia’s Pregnant Bond Girl Bridesmaid

4 Things I love about this dress:

1. The color. Oh, the color! It is that perfect bright coral that I just want to soak in for hours and never take off.

2. The length. I can’t resist floor-length gowns. Especially not when they’re this color.

3. The innate 1970’s of it all. It is, through and through, a completely 70’s gown. The length, the high neckline, the sleeves; it’s a product of the late 60’s ladylike-ness coming through to an early 70’s hippie.

4. Obviously, that it really IS a late 60’s/early 70’s evening gown. I can’t resist a vintage piece, no matter how whacky it may be. (To wit: kitten-in-a-basket-batting-at-a-strawberry dress)

2 Things this dress makes me think of:

1. Princess Leia’s bridesmaids. Think about it. Bleach this dress white, add cinnamon-roll-buns to my head, and I could BE Leia. Easily. But in this color? Bridesmaid. Totally.

2. Bond Girl. Stick me next to Sean Connery with some flowers in my hair, and I’ll be the hippie pseudo-innocent-and-pure Bond Girl who says she’ll never give in to him but eventually does. Although, since I’m pregnant, I can’t actually really be a Bond Girl. Pregnant Bond girl? Um… well, that would be new.

3. My husband’s 90-year-old Aunt, in her younger days. She was fabulous.


Things I hate about this dress:

1. I don’t know how to style it. You guys, I went through two belts, three pairs of shoes, three brooches, a necklace, and a hairstyle change before I finally gave up and just settled with this. I love it, but seriously. How does one style Princess Leia’s Bridesmaid’s Bond Girl Dress?

2. The waistline. I would really, really like to hitch it up about an inch and a half; I don’t know if I have a high waist (which I didn’t think I did) or if it’s just a tad bit too low to look good with belts, but… it’s slightly awkward. And the dress is just too much without something at the waist.

3. Apparently, I feel like I have to pose very smugly while wearing it. 5

But hey, at least… it’s pretty?

(Secret: I’m pretty sure that look is less smug, and more “I’m tired and I want coffee stat!”)


8 See the weird waist? It’s one of those seam-and-gather waistlines where putting anything in the middle just turns out funny, but not having something in the middle also looks funny.


Vintage Dress | Thrifted Boots and Belt | Forever 21 Ring

What would you do with this dress? Tailor it? Shorten it? Add stuff to it? Or parade around in it exactly as it is? What colors would you wear with it? If I had some teal, mustard, or maroon accessories, I think those colors would go great with this.

Tell me what you think!

Happy Wednesday!


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  • Christen

    hmmm styling conundrum indeed! but I can see why you love this dress and and want to make it work. I think you did a pretty great job though! I like the idea of teal and/or maroon and maybe go for some chunky 70s heels or ankle boots. Oh and a long pendant necklace?

    anyhow, i think you look great and i loved the title of this post, totally get it! can’t wait to see how you style the dress next!


  • Jamie Rose

    Haha I think the waist is just supposed to be lower like that and worn without a belt. But I like how you styled it. I mean, it’s such a statement piece that it kind of steals the show nomatter what shoes or accessories you pair with it.

    All I have to say is that you’re awesome. This is such a fun look.

  • Becca Lee

    Ahhh! I love it so much. That color is gorgeous on you! I also really like the way you styled it.

    If I styled it myself I would probably put my hair into a high sock-bun (get some Leia action in there!) and then I’d probably do some sort of gold belt. Maybe a belt you tie that has tassels on the ends? Or maybe a thin white belt? If I had pierced ears I’d do giant gold hoop earrings for sure.

    So glad you bought this!

    Ladyface Blog

  • Mom

    I would belt it with a rope belt or a chain link belt and hang the ends down. Teal would be beautiful with it. I love the color with your hair!

  • Salazar

    Haha, the post title is so awesome! As for how to style it, I’m not sure… it’s just soooooo 70’s and any attempt to modernize it may be fertile, you know? I agree with everybody’s suggestion, which is to embrace the 70’s look. Or save it for Halloween and be Pink Princess Leia 😛

  • Maria Elena Pulido

    I think the belt went perfectly and rope belt might work. I agree with the statement piece comment you can’t really add much without looking gaudy. but big gold hoops with the belt you are wearing is the route I would go simple and clean and i’d have rock cowboy boots because that belt needs cowboys boots in my head anyway 😉

  • Sarah With A Bow

    Since you love it so much, I would try to tailor it so that the waist hits you where you want! Although, admittedly, I have no idea how much tailoring would cost or whether it is a good deal, haha. Regardless, the color looks awesome on you. Also, oh my gosh! I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since I last had a chance to be looking at blogs! I wish we had gotten to meet each other before I left, but there will be an opportunity someday, I know it. (: