2017 Style Recap

Happy New Year! I  had hoped to get this post up on December 31 but I did not start searching through my outfits far enough in advance so a January 1st post it is! I don’t remember if I did a style recap of 2016, but I know that the last time I did this, a lot of you enjoyed it and I love looking through my archives to see what I wore and how I changed over the year. And 2017, I feel, was a year full of changes for my personal style!

So without further ado, let’s delve into my archives and take a look at my personal favorite outfits of 2017!


One || Two || Three || Four

January of 2017 was the beginning of my attempts to be come more and more “historically accurate” vintage. As you can see from these four outfits, my hair and outfits became more solidly rooted in the 40’s and 50’s, and knowing where I am now, I have to giggle a little bit because I knew even then that I felt just a bit too costumey for my own personal life. But I have to say, while I have, for the most part, realized that being a full-on vintage babe is not for me, I do still love creating era-specific looks and they’ll probably pop up from time to time. Especially that hair!


One || Two || Three || Four 

February was the month of girliness and romance. I emulated Liz Taylor in a beautiful eShakti dress that remains one of my favorites, styled a pretty Wardrobe Shop Shawl just in time for Valentine’s day, and wore one of my favorite dress — the adorable veggie print Grace Karin dress from Amazon — with my favorite hat. And the, of course, wore a classic 1950’s shirtwaist dress to an old military base in search of the perfect photo location.


One || Two || Three

Ah March is the month of favorite outfits featuring things I  no longer own. The darling Dangerfield milkshakes skirt was just a tad less full than I wanted, so after snapping some photos with Sara, I sent it off to a better owner. The gorgeous 20’s inspired gown, let’s face it, was absolutely not practical for motherhood and I never go anywhere that require that much glam. And the gorgeous dress from Vintage by Katherine just grew too small for me. Happily, though, all three items went to friends so I don’t regret passing them on!


One || Two || Three

Obviously one of my favorite outfits of the year has to do with my blogging bae Sara! We realized we owned matching items of clothing from Dangerfield, so when she was going to be in Washington for a weekend, we planned to match as much as we possibly could. I miss that girl and I’m SO excited she’s getting married THIS YEAR. You bet your butt I am going to that wedding. My second favorite outfit of April was sort of the very beginning of me realizing I wanted to get back to everyday style and not always-glammed-up style. I didn’t follow through completely with it at the time, because I had a huge case of vintage FOMO, but as I type I’m happy to report I’ve purged about 90% of the things in my closet that felt like a costume.

And my final favorite, of course, was my birthday outfit! I’ve actually swapped this dress with a friend of mine; we owned the same dress in the same size in two different colorways. Hers was brown and blue mine the pink and orange you see. After realizing we had the same dress and we preferred each others’ colorways, we decided to swap. There’s nothing better than having friends in the vintage loving community!



In May I only posted three outfits, and of the three this is my favorite!  This candy colored confection brightened up my day, and while it’s another dress I no longer own because it was a bit big for me, I loved it nonetheless. May was the month I inherited two gorgeous purses from my great aunt (or great-great aunt, we’re not sure!) that she owned in the 1960’s. They’re very close to the popular Enid Collins purses, although these both are stamped “Cooper of California” and I adore them in all of their vintage glory.


One || Two || Three

June was apparently the month of yellows and reds, and sharing about personal things like postpartum depression and body confidence. These three posts may be my favorite of the entire year, from dressing in a 1950’s Belle-inspired outfit to having a heart-to-heart post about postpartum struggles to donning my very first bikini and sharing photos of it online.




Heat is not my favorite thing, so it’s not a surprise to me that I posted very little in July, but this adorable pink Hearts and Roses of London dress was certainly worth a mention!


One || Two 

I feel like by this time, my blog could also be called “I don’t know what to do with my hair.” This year I tried hard to get back into vintage styles, and learned that pillow rollers produce a wonderful fluffy vintage curl… but lazygirl status means I didn’t ever commit. But really, that’s fine. Who ever wears their hair the same way every day?



In September I took another unintentional blog break, but this one was largely pushed by having my computer crash completely and losing every photo I’ve ever taken in the last five years. This still smarts from time to time but I have definitely learned my lesson and am taking full advantage of Amazon Prime’s unlimited photo storage! Learn from me: back up your photos always!



One || Two || Three

In October I implemented one of the biggest and most inspiring (to myself) changes of the year: I started to go out to locations to photograph y outfits. I am so, so glad I pushed myself to do this. I have never been happier with my blog photos and my photography in general than I am now, and it gave me so much more ability to be creative with my skills.


One || Two

In November I got to collaborate with some amazing brands, but I think my two favorites were definitely this gorgeous Lady V London Hepburn dress, and the Lindy Bop baking bookshelf dress. Both dresses are incredibly comfortable and flattering, and can be dressed up or dressed down to fit with my lifestyle.


One || Two


December is a hard one because there are two outfits I wore that are my favorites, but I haven’t shared them here on the blog yet! So I will settle for these two: the adorable makeup-themed Lindy Bop dress that Evie adores, and my last outfit of the year. Winter themed, no less!

I am so excited to continue sharing my daily style in 2018, and I hope to have much more to share in this new year. Thank you for reading along and always being around to chat with me about style, life, motherhood, and everything else that I put here on this blog. May 2018 be the best year you’ve had yet!


  • SaraLily

    I LOVE blog recaps! It’s fun to see how everyone evolved in the year! And you always do (a good thing)! It reminded me how MUCH I loved certain outfits on you like the “chocolatier” themed outfit from August and the botanist look from October. So adorably fun and chic!

    OH and I miss you MORE and cannot WAIT to see you as soon as possible!!

  • Kara

    YAY! I’ve been having the best lunch break browsing everyone’s 2017 recaps. It’s always so amazing that we have the ability to look back, flip through old posts, and relive it all. I loved them all – but think the bikini post was my absolute fav. You rocked it flawlessly and remind all of us to love our bodies and ourselves. You looked stunning. All the best to you and the family in 2018!