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Let it snow!

3Dressember Days 15

I am in love with winter. About four hours after I took these pictures, it started to snow. One of my husband’s cousins (cousin-in-law?) commented that people from the west coast are weird when I expressed my excitement about it, but hey: when it basically usually just rains all winter, snow is EXCITING!


I have learned three things so far during this Dressember challenge/fundraiser: one, I tend to get more motivated to take outfit pictures the more often I take them; two, I really am not used to scheduling posts so far ahead; and three, if you get the proportions right, you can wear anything.

For the first one, I’ve noticed that since I took an outfit picture every day last week, I felt less like skipping a day, and more comfortable wandering around our property despite the fact that the neighbors were often home or could see me through the trees. I am hoping this motivation continues, because I always feel guilty wasting good light when I have it! Haha!222

For the second one… okay, how do people deal with having a backup of posts? I’m very much a day-to-day blogger, but since I don’t post daily (although these last two weeks I have, on accident) and I post things other than outfits, I feel weird writing about them when I took the pictures days (or a week) ago. Usually, pictures bring back things I wanted to write about on that day, so I try to at least write the post the same day I took the pictures, but then you have to keep in mind what day it’s actually going to be posted… and it’s just weird.

Ha! Not really a problem, just new to me. It’ll be nice to have a backup of posts for rainy days, though!165

And the third one: as you all know, I wear belts all the time. My body shape doesn’t take kindly to things that aren’t pulled in at the waist, so I’ve never been good at styling tent-type dresses. But I think I’ve finally figured out that with the right length and an empire waist, like this one, they do work on me! I was happily surprised when I wore this to find that it looked better without a belt than it did with one. 7 1220

Yesterday was Mr. Owl and my one-year anniversary. He planned a great weekend for us; on Saturday, we went up to Leavenworth. It was super cold (around 14 degrees when we got there, and colder) and really crowded, but I’ve only ever been to Leavenworth once before — in 110 degree weather — so it was still lots of fun! Everything was snowy and decorated for Christmas, and there were lots of people in costume as Santa’s elves and snowmen and reindeer.

And then yesterday, we went out for breakfast, went to the coffee house/pottery painting place where we had our first date to paint mugs for each other, went out for a quick dinner, and then went to see It’s a Wonderful Life on the big screen. 2414

There were things that didn’t quite go as planned — I think we are cursed on romantic events, ha! — but overall it was a wonderful weekend and just made me love my husband more for how much time and effort he spent planning a great weekend for our first anniversary. 1

Thrifted dress and brooch | Target tights and cardigan | JC Penney boots | Gift handmade scarf

Yesterday, unfortunately, also marked the day when I learned that it totally stresses my husband out that I wear high heels while pregnant… because I wore high heels and fell on gravel. It’s the first time I’ve ever fallen in heels while pregnant (or at all), and while I didn’t land dangerously and it was a pretty slow-ish fall, I still scraped up both my knees and of course scared him to death.

So no more heels ’till this baby is  born! Which is totally fine by me, I just wish I had known how much it stressed him out that I wear high heels pregnant! Poor guy. Haha!

I hope you all had a good weekend!

Happy Monday!

P.S. Don’t forget, there’s still one day to enter the Pink Blush Maternity giveaway! You’ve got till tomorrow at midnight!


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  • Myranda Walno

    I also enjoy the occasional snowy day… I’m glad you are okay after your fall! Falling was one of my fears while pregnant so I only wore extremely low heels the whole time. I’m a big chicken. And not very glamorous. Hey, but it’s boot weather anyhow so you aren’t going to miss much I suppose 🙂

  • Salazar

    I’m totally jealous that you guys have snow, but on the other hand, I’m such a baby about being cold so I’m not jealous, not really 😛

    P/S: I love how you did your hair!

  • Marla Rogers

    Your hairrrrrrrrrrr. Beautiful! And I love the pictures with that pretty leaf. Also happy anniversary! That’s so exciting and it sounds like a lovely way to celebrate :]

  • Becca Lee

    You look lovely! I love these colors on you. I’m glad to hear you had a nice anniversary weekend, even if everything didn’t go quite as planned. It sounds like it was lovely.

    Also, I fall down on a regular basis in FLATS so I think it’s just hard to stay upright sometimes! Haha

    Ladyface Blog