Man of Style: Red Velvet, Corduroy, and Koa Wood Rings


Well, I’m sort of back! Since I’m still not quite adjusted to life with a baby (aka… waking up every three or four hours at night to feed him), I thought I’d have my husband step in with a style post to get this month started off with some hotness and love. It is February, after all, the month of mush and dreams and romance, right?

So I present to you the love of my life, in all his handsomeness.


This post is especially exciting for him, as it’s the first time he’s been the recipient of a sponsor item instead of me. Every time I get something in the mail, he makes a mock-pouting face and asks why I get all the cool stuff. So when the kind folks at Altin Place contacted me about doing a wood ring review, I immediately volunteered my husband to do it instead. After all, he is a very talented woodworker, so a ring with actual wood in it was right up his alley!


He chose the Classic Koa Wood Ring, which is the perfect balance of wood and titanium. One of the first things he said about it was that he would definitely have chosen this as a wedding ring had we known about Altin Place when we got married! It’s has such a classy look to it, and wears very smoothly. He loves how unique it is, to have actual wood in the ring, and that it’s a very sturdy, durable material, especially given that he works with his hands a lot. His actual wedding ring is so scratched up from work now!

6 7

I’m so happy that Altin Place gave me the opportunity to get my husband such a beautiful ring, too! I always love working with various amazing people that I have met through blogging, and I’m glad to be able to include my husband in that process!

Especially if that means I get to take copious amounts of pictures of how good-looking he is. And also, how dorky:

12 Believe me, these were not even the goofiest of the pictures I took. We both have a “make faces at the camera!” streak, and his might be even stronger than mine. Especially for closeups. But that’s part of why I love him. He never fails to make me laugh. 2

JC Penney smoking jacket | Target pants | Old Navy tee | Kohl’s boots | Old scarf | Koa Wood Ring c/o Altin Place | Born With It hotness

Or swoon. *sigh*

I hope you are all having a fantastic week! I’ve got lots and lots of posts in the works — outfit ideas for Valentine’s day, Asa’s birth story and other things about pregnancy and having a baby, copious amounts of baby pictures, more Paleo how-to posts, Makeup tutorials… I have a long list. Here’s to getting back into blogging full swing!

Happy Wednesday!


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