Think Pink!

2 1  I really don’t have much to say today; it’s a lazy day at home and the only things on my list are to clean the bathroom, get the laundry done, and do the dishes.

My parents, brother and I are doing the Whole 30 again, which will be great for me because I’ve been craving chocolate a ton! I’m excited to get back into healthy habits with eating. Next on my list is to start taking daily walks. Well, once we live in a place where I can do that, haha! I can’t really take Asa with me because the roads around here are unsafe with a stroller. 4 But we’ll be moving soon, and I’m excited about that! We have decided that, unless some really amazing place comes up before we have to move, we’re going to take my parents’ offer and live in their basement for a while. This way, we’ll be able to save up and find the perfect place.

I’m really excited; I love my parents, and it’ll be fun to be close (super close!) to them, and to have my mom around to help out with Asa when I need it! 5  It’ll also be super nice to be able to put money into our savings and save huge chunks. Being my parents, they’re not going to charge us much for rent even though we’re willing to pay it, haha! I love them. 76 8 I got these tights in the mail last week and I was super excited about them; they’re so cute with the polkadots and mock lace up the side (and the black ones are cute, too!). But sadly, they are just a little bit too short for me — which I expected, because they’re only offered as one-size-fits-all, and because of my curvier hips and thighs, most one-size tights don’t fit me — so unless I can get them to stretch up further with wear, I might not be able to wear them.

Does anyone know a solution for this? 3

Target tank top | thrifted vintage skirt, scarf, ring, and heels | Oasap tights

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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