{Photography: A Family Session}

Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography I think I mentioned before that I wasn’t going to post my photography on my blog, but after Desarae commented about it, and because it IS a part of my life, I decided… why not? Especially after a shoot like this!

Last wednesday I had what I feel like was my first “real” family shoot– a photoshoot with people I don’t know that well (I think I’ve only ever met the daughters once, although we do have a lot of common friends.) It was a lot of fun, and I’m so, so pleased with how all of the pictures turned out! Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography The parents had just had their 25th wedding anniversary, which is so awesome, and I loved seeing the family dynamics between them all! You can really see the love in the family through these pictures!Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography I was so nervous to shoot for them, since I don’t know them well, but these pictures turned out even better than I had hoped! It’s given me some confidence for any future shoots; I had to remind myself that obviously they liked what they saw on my photography page or they wouldn’t have contacted me! It’s a good thing to tell yourself when you’re doing photoshoots for people you’ve never met- they aren’t even judging you on their liking of you as a person, they’re only judging what they’ve seen you do, which is awesome! Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography

It didn’t hurt that the location, the park where I have always wanted to get married (so much for that, haha!) is a gorgeous place! It has so many interesting spots for photos, you’re never lacking for a good backdrop. While we were there, we saw a couple getting engagement photos done. Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography

Haha, and their brother had to get a “hipster” photo with his beanie. It was pretty hilarious! They were definitely all super friendly and fun, and it really helped me to feel more comfortable and not like I was going to ruin the shoot. Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography Family Portrait Session -Storybook Photography

The above are definitely my favorite shots of the day. Their little guy was such a  good sport up until the very last shot, and then he decided he’d had enough!

If you want to see even more, hop on over to the album on my Storybook Photography page! (And hey, live in the area? Now is a great time to get Christmas pictures done. Just sayin’!)

Happy Monday!

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  • Beth Woody

    Awwwww, these are fantastic!! I wish we lived in the same area! I would know exactly who to call when I need engagement photos done! 😀
    I’m having trouble as I look for photographers. (Yea… Planning in advance.:) So many have portfolios filled with standard poses with no consideration for the uniqueness of the couple and their story/interests. Or their family photos are filled with awkward, unnatural looking shots because they didn’t pay attention to family dynamics, but just went with cookie cutter poses. My friend now has a bunch from her family shoot that are just weird because everyone knows her family just doesn’t sit that way or hold hands like that. 😛 Sorry for the rambling!! What I mean to say is these are gorgeous, and natural, and whyyy don’t you live by me so I can get great engagement photos?? 😛

    • Eccentric Owl

      Oh my goodness I WISH!!! That would be the most amazing thing ever. Hey, you could always like… come get engaged here! 😉 Right? That’s totally doable! Haha!

      Yeah, I don’t really like posing all that much; I give little directions here and there (like, don’t tilt your chin so far down, or smoosh a little closer together, go stand by that building, stuff like that) but overall I let them pose how they felt most comfortable. Well, the two parents+baby in the grass was my idea for a pose, but that was about it. I definitely love to see family dynamics in pictures!

      • Beth Woody

        Heheheh!! You’d have to get in contact with my NFO and tell him to fly us/drive us there. 😉 That would be awesome. 🙂

        And that’s exactly why I love your photos! They’re visually… more polished and pretty than totally candid pictures, but they’re so real, and not fake looking! *gush gush gush* 🙂

  • dani

    SO glad that you decided to share! I love how warm and cozy the photos all are, even though the colors are cool greens and blues. How on earth do you do that? haha its so pretty!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you, Dani! It’s a total editing trick; some of the shots were fine, but some were cool-looking so I changed the temperature of the photos to be slightly warmer, and it worked wonders!

  • Desarae

    These are WONDERFUL…the colors and backdrop are perfect. Your images are so clear and vibrant, Kristina! Your patrons can’t help but be thrilled with these. I know it is a sad because the little guy is crying, but that shot is so beautiful…I love how you captured the tear just under his eye, the composition and bokeh make it a fantastic shot. I am so glad you decided to keep sharing your photography! 🙂 Thanks for the link-back.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you for the encouragement, Desarae! And all of your comments lately! I have been reading and mentally replying to them, and hopefully actually responding to some soon!

      That baby crying is my favorite picture of the bunch; he was so, so cute and so sad, and he had been good all day. I’m so glad I was able to snap a shot of him. Poor little guy, but he makes such a good picture!