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August/September Thrifting Haul

So it’s been forever since I’ve done a video, and with a recent thrifting trip done, I thought it would be fun to start doing some haul videos! Enjoy! (and I apologize in advance for the rambling. There’s a lot of it.)

Outfit links:

I ramble a lot. But here’s what I’ve thrifted in the last month or so!
Links to outfits:
Giraffe shirt + tan heels
Black hippie top
White textured tank top (and here) and you can get similar Modcloth red shoes here
Sparkly tank, and mentioned diamond skirt
(iPhone case, in case you liked it)

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

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    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you Veronika! It’s so fun making videos; I’d love to see more of yours, too! Also, the sparkly tank instantly reminded me of you; it’s got that classic look that you always wear. I love it!

  • Della Hethcox

    I love videos! I’ve been making them while I’m studying abroad and always look forward to “chatting” and I’m so rambly. Ha!

    Those new shoes are so cute and perfect for fall outfits. 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      I always feel chatty and rambly with my videos, too, and I think it makes for a more fun watch; it shows personality, and makes you feel like you’re conversing with a friend!

  • Sydney Harwell

    I loved watching this! Please make more! If you do decide to take out a pleat in your wool skirt, will you please post a tutorial? I have a skirt that may need that as well, and I’m not always great with pleats. And wow, great finds, especially the shoes!

    • Eccentric Owl

      I will try! I’ve never done a seam by taking out a pleat, but the only thing I’m super concerned about is the thickness of the fabric; otherwise it might be pretty easy. I’ll have to consult my mom about it; she’s the sewing know-all! And then I’ll definitely do a tutorial.

  • Desarae

    This was fun to watch, it definitely expands your personality to your bloggers- having an actual voice and a more fleshed out personality makes it much more personal and real feeling. 🙂 I might have to do something similar to this… I hope you get some sleep in the days ahead and Asa breaks that tooth through.