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Since I’ve been on a sort of roll with my Doctor Who Inspired outfits, I have been really wanting to do some Fairytale inspired outfits, too, and this marks my first one. If you hadn’t guessed by the cape and the title and the basket, I decided to start up with Little Red Riding Hood. I saw this cape on Oasap, and HAD to have it! It looked so cozy and retro and perfect for fall, and when it arrived yesterday I was definitely not disappointed. It’s so soft! I can’t wait to style it other ways!Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red | As I posted earlier today (two posts in one day! Why not?), I’ve narrowed down my closet to all of my fall/winter clothes, and I’m getting anxious to move, get them all put away, and see how well it works to have simplified the color scheme. This skirt is one that I’ve got listed for sale in my shop, and if  it doesn’t sell soon I will probably (yet again) keep it. I love the colors, and it’s a nice length, and wooly, and tartan… what’s not to love?  Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red | One thing I will be working hard on this month is promoting and selling (hopefully!) all of the vintage I have stacked up in a box. I am considering moving over to Etsy, since it’s much more known than Storenvy, to see if the shop is a little more successful there.

Since I posted on Wednesday about feeling a bit overwhelmed, my boss gave me a call and said that since I was stressed and work was extremely slow, I could take the month off and come back to work in October when it ramps up again. I am so, so relieved! It will be nice to have a little breather, and to be able to work on things that I have been wanting to get to for ages. Like the little vintage adventure I’ve embarked on. I would absolutely LOVE to sell vintage regularly, because I see so many things that need that perfect someone to buy and wear them, and my husband has forbidden me from buying anything else until I actually sell a few of the pieces I have listed. Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red | I went on a thrift-store trip all by myself (well, with Asa) yesterday, and it was heavenly! One thing I just realized I could do is thrift-haul posts, with video. Yesterday was such a great day for thrifting; I found so many things (including this tee and these shoes), and it was my lucky day for finding tag-sale items, so I think it’d be a lot of fun to film a little haul video.

Maybe I’ll do a monthly haul video; since we’re moving, I won’t be as close to the thrift store and who knows how often I’ll get to go (unless the vintage business picks up exponentially, and then I have a good reason to tell my husband we have to go, haha!), plus I get things from Oasap quite often, as well as Target and a few other places. Little Red | Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red |  But you guys… I cannot get over this cape!  I can’t get over how absolutely perfect it is! I definitely stand by what I’ve said before about Oasap’s outerwear– of any place I shop, they make my favorite cardigans, and now capes, and I’m betting their outerwear is really nice, too!Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red | I also need to get back to doing makeup tutorials and writing videos! Now that we’re moving away, I won’t feel so self-conscious doing either one, since no one but Asa will be home to see me do it!Little Red |  www.eccentricowl.comLittle Red |

Cape, sunglasses, ring, and earrings c/o Oasap | tee and shoes, thrifted | vintage skirt, for sale here

I hope you are all having a great week, and have a fun weekend!

Happy Friday!

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