Rainy Day Wishlist: (mostly) Black and White Edition

Choies wishlist, black and white edition

I am always searching for good new places to find pretty, affordable fashion, and since — as I mentioned yesterday — Asa and I are sick, and it’s a very rainy day here, I thought it would be the perfect time to make a little wishlist featuring Choies! I’ve been seeing the name float around on a few blogs lately, so I finally visited their site, and oh… so many pretty things! As you can see.

While it’s definitely a more modern shop, Choies still stocks items that can totally be styled in a more retro/vintage way, and since it’s fall and I’ve been drawn to black and white lately… well… here we are. My wishlist is way longer than this, but for the sake of making it a bit shorter, I decided to share the more fall/winter friendly black-and-white (mostly) items I’m loving lately.

Seriously, though, how amazing are those yellow butterfly heels? The black ones are really gorgeous too; I’ve slowly been sliding more towards pointed-toe heels — I used to hate them, now I feel like they’re more “grown up” — and those two pairs… oh, my heart. Like I need more shoes. Especially heels. I think my husband would be more open to my grabbing the flats, which are adorable and practical at the same time.

And I never actually need more skirts, but I will still be adding these three to my list — black and white plaid, because you know I’m addicted to plaid, a swan print because… birds. I love birds. And that last one would be so, so perfect for the holidays! It’s so textural and rich looking, isn’t it? So pretty.

I’ve also got a weakness for graphic tees with cute animals on them. I’ve got a slowly growing collection of graphic tees, and I think the deer would be a perfect addition! And speaking of animals, I absolutely LOVE that this mask mimics a fox! They have a pretty large selection of really beautiful lace masks, and I want them all.

Anyway! Those are a few things on my current wishlist, and if you haven’t heard of Choies before(it’s where Marlen got this fabulous green skirt, and Rebecca found her adorable skeleton tights), you should definitely check them out. I might start doing an occasional shop-here type post, since I’m always interested in new, pretty things to look at, and I know a few friends who don’t know where to shop online for retro-looking clothes (or any clothes) beyond Modcloth and Shabby Apple.

What’s your favorite item from the list?

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Happy Thursday!