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Please vote for me in the Firmoo Blogger Awards contest! All you have to do is click the “vote” button once a day from now till the 14th, and you’re done! No sign-up, no required email address, nothin’! Just a click and done and I will love you forever!The Everyday Mom | www.eccentricowl.comDressember DaysThe Everyday Mom | www.eccentricowl.com Today’s outfit is basically the equivalent of a tee shirt, sweatpants, and a sweater.  Don’t let the looks fool you guys, I could sleep in this. Fleece-lined leggings, a jacket made out of sweater material (the buttons make it look much more structured than it is) and a stretchy dress is the epitome of easiness, but thankfully it looks pretty because I had errands to run today with a baby on hand.

I feel like my style fluctuates a lot between crazy retro/vintage and this more quirky modern look, and while I definitely love the previous (aka yesterday’s) better, as a mom this look is more practical. Not that I couldn’t wear yesterday’s look all day, except for the heels; but these items of clothing feel less damageable.The Everyday Mom | www.eccentricowl.com Today was the first day in a while that I’ve run errands with Asa all by myself. Since we currently only have one car, I’m usually left at home without transportation and any errands are run either with my husband or my mom, or when my mother-in-law comes over to watch Asa so I can borrow her car.

It was such a needed little respite from being home all week with a cranky and fight-sleep-at-every-turn` baby. Asa was in top form for the entire trip, and then fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep when I transported him from the car to the house. Such a relief from the past few days of screaming at every naptime! I am pretty sure he’s teething right now. Or at least, I hope he is. I don’t want this to be a permanent thing.The Everyday Mom | www.eccentricowl.comThe Everyday Mom | www.eccentricowl.comIn an effort to wear multiple patterns again today, I added this bow last-minute. IT was supposed to be a bow-tie for Asa, but when I sewed it onto his onesie it just looked like a girl’s shirt with a huge bow on it. And people already mistake him for a girl if he’s not in distinctly boyish clothes. So… that plan was scratched. It’s from the same fabric as my Marvel skirt; I only wish you could tell better that there are Superheroes on it.  The Everyday Mom | www.eccentricowl.com The Everyday Mom | www.eccentricowl.com Also does this scarf count as a pattern? It’s got dots of color in it. That’s a pattern, right? Sure.

I should probably warn you that at the end of these thirty days of a dress every day, I  may have nothing left to babble about but clothes. Or, perhaps it will take a good turn and I’ll get more creative with what I write. We will see. The Everyday Mom | www.eccentricowl.comBow and scarf, self-made | jacket and belt, thrifted | leggings, Target | boots, JC Penney | dress c/o Oasap | glasses c/o Firmoo

I hope you are all having a good week so far! It’s nearly Friday, which for me means that Mr. Owl’s and my two-year-anniversary celebration is about to start! Our actual anniversary is Monday, but tomorrow we plan to go paint pottery and maybe out for dinner and we’ll have the entire afternoon and night and next morning all to ourselves as we’re laving Asa with his grandparents; Monday we’ll go out for a niec dinner (or something), the next weekend we’re going on a day trip to somewhere, and then on the 17th we’re going to see the last Hobbit. Since we went to the first one on our honeymoon, it’s sort of our tradition to do all things Hobbit/LOTR for our anniversary.

I know. We’re nerds.

Happy Thursday!

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