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Book Review/Inspired Outfit: The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

2Collage 2 I meant to do a book review with this outfit, obviously, but I put it off so long that I don’t feel I can accurately review The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate any longer. When I finished the book, I really enjoyed it but I also felt so-so upon closing the last page; it was entertaining and definitely worth a read, but didn’t leave me moved in any one direction.

Which isn’t as helpful when I’m trying to review it; I want a book that captures my emotions and keeps me thinking about it for days afterward — whether it be with love or with sadness. The best books impart lingering emotions, I think. 4 The best I can give you is a little synopsis of the characters.

Calpurnia Tate is a girl growing up in a household of boys, who realizes as the year passes that she is expected to essentially become her mother — a woman tasked with the endless job of caring for a house. Day in and day out, her mother’s jobs are never done. But Calpurnia, having befriended her Grandaddy (an eccentric gentleman obsessed with science and creating alcohol from pecans (or walnuts…?)), has had her mind opened to the world and all of its possibilities, and she becomes dissatisfied with what is expected of her. She wants to be more than just a housewife. 5 14 So, she balks at her duties and runs off with Grandaddy every day to discover the world around her, and is scolded for her negligence when she comes home. Her mind expands and her character grows as the book progresses until by the end, she begins to entertain thoughts of going to college. Which is basically where it ends.

It’s a fairly simple premise, but the characters themselves fill it with interest and hilarity, and I really enjoyed Calpurnia’s journey from a naive young girl to a young lady thirsting for more and more knowledge. 69 I’ve been realizing as I read more and more books… I really do judge a book by its cover. Perhaps it’s the artist in me, but if a book has a horrible cover, I am less inclined to read it. I will obviously give the first few chapters a go, but I’m much more drawn to good covers, like this one. It’s quite aesthetically pleasing!

So, you know. I like this book for its cover, too. Does anyone else really hate how the trend now is to put actors on the covers of books their movies are based on now? That is my biggest cover pet peeve. Ugh.

8 Collage 1 So this brooch was made and sent to me by Courtney, aka Some Call me Q (Instagram, blog) some time ago, and I JUST remembered that I had it! I’ve worn in a few times, but I feel as though I only wear pins in the fall and winter. I really love how unique this is; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brooch made out of zippers before.

But the fact that it was made by an internet friend for me makes me love it SO much more than my other brooches (hopefully they don’t get jealous.) So, thank you Courtney!

And also, she’s having a baby. Which is awesome. 7Dress, thrifted | cardigan, Target | tights, Nordstrom rack | shoes, Modcloth

(Above, cue me cracking up because I can’t take myself faking reading a book.)

Well, this is my last outfit post of the year! What a crazy thought; I can’t remember which Dressember day this was, hence no banner, but if you still want to donate please do. I’m not sure if I’ll be participating next year, but I will definitely be supporting others in their Dressember campaigns. And I’m so sorry I never did a roundup of my favorite Dressember posts! I’ve been stalking all of you who have said you’ve been doing it, but I’m really… a procrastinator. Leave your favorite Dressember post in the comments (of your own) so we can all see how wonderfully this cause is supported! (Or, in the case of Skye, your favorite un-Dressember post.)

Happy Monday!


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  • skye

    I am so in love with your book review outfits. Possibly my favorite part of your blog. I really enjoy seeing fashion used in conjunction with other kinds of art.

    Zipper jewelry is bizarrely common in Vermont. It’s so weird how trends confine themselves to little pockets of the country. I wonder what’s popular in Washington that I’ve never seen!


  • Danie Williams-Rivera

    Such a clever idea to merge a book review and an outfit inspired by that book! I love the uniqueness of them all!

    I do hate when I end a book and am not left with questions or lingering feelings! A really good book is one where the story seems to go on much past the ending of the book! Looking forward to your 2015 posts! Happy Holidays!


  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    I judge books by their covers too. I think a lot of us do. Look, if the cover was ugly, you wouldn’t have been able to create a cute outfit inspired by it (unless the outfit was inspired more by the character’s style than the physical book’s cover, but I don’t think it is in this case).

    But then, maybe we miss out on good books because their covers were poorly designed. I once read a book with a blah cover, but I really liked it! I must have read the summary without seeing the cover and placed it on hold, or I’d never have picked it up. But I did pick it up, and I enjoyed it, and I felt that the cover was not right for the book, and it was a shame. And I am not sure if it is grammatically okay to have a sentence like the previous, but let’s pretend it is.

    Oh, as for the actors on the covers? Ugh is right. I hate that.

  • Salazar

    I’ve been wanting to read this. I just finished “A Storm of Swords” and wanted something easy to rest my brain for a bit, so maybe I’ll move on to this. And I do love the cover!