Well, 2014 certainly was a busy year. We moved out of our rental an into my parents’ basement, then out of my parents’ basement to house-sit for someone; I had a baby and turned twenty-six (which has always seemed the tipping point into “real” adulthood for me); I quit my job, opened an Etsy shop, and began photographing more and more people; my grandmother, a great woman with whom I shared a birthday, passed away at the age of 91; my husband and I made a short film and won a 72 hour filmmaking competition; I dyed my hair red… many, many things. It’s been a wonderful year, and I am so thankful for everything that has happened! And through it all, my style has been evolving and shaping as well, into something that is much more “myself.”

So today, because I’ve never done it before, I want to take a look back at my favorite outfits of the year.

Faves 1

Valentine’s Day Lookbook: Retro | Settling Into StyleFaves 2The Elephant in the Room | Of SmilingFaves 3Take Me to the Zoo | Flowering Into SpringFaves 4MARVEL-ous | So This Is LoveFAves 5Summer Afternoon | Gypsy GirlFaves 6Magic Hour | These are a Few of my Favorite ThingsFaves 7 The Impossible Girl | 6 Tips for Taking Your Own Outfit Photos Faves 8 Little Red | Gingham and Stripes and Dots, Oh My!Faves 9 Bewitching | Filmmaking and Ladybirds Faves 10 All Ways are the Queen’s Ways | Polka dots, Roses, and Hearts Faves 11 Swan Princess | Let it Snow… Faves 12 The Nerdy Owl | Sweet as Cherry PieFaves 13 Cheshire Garden | The Perfect Dress Faves 14 Glamour | Let’s Pretend

And that’s it! I feel as though my style has gone through a lot and evolved, yet still held the same elements — ladylike, a little quirky, and very twirly-skirted. Were you surprised to see three outfits with jeans in the mix? I was!

What have been your favorites this year? (Your own OR mine!) Let me know in the comments!


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  • skye

    I love round-up posts! Especially seeing how people have evolved. It seems like a lot of us vintage girls go quirky/cute in the warmer months and classic in the cooler ones. I’ve noticed that trend in myself as well.

    • Eccentric Owl

      I agree; I think in the winter, classic clothes are easier to wear because they’re usually longer-sleeved anyway. At least, all of mine are. Hah, in the summer I know I felt like being as simple as possible, which made me add quirky accessories (heart sunglasses) to feel a bit more styled.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Maybe because the last 30 days have been dresses? Haha, you should see my skirt collection; I have over 50, I think. It’s bordering on hoarding. 😀

      Happy New Year!