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Maternity Wardrobe: 1970’s hippie dress and the honesty of Mondays.

Maternity Wardrobe: 1970's hippie dress  | The honesty of a Monday following a bad night’s sleep and a nearly-canceled (but thankfully, not) thrifting trip to meet a friend whom I had only ever met via blogging and Facebook: today is a day sans makeup, with unbrushed hair hastily pinned into some semblance of a topknot, and earrings only worn because of the discovery of this dress while thrifting.  Maternity Wardrobe: 1970's hippie dress  | And, while I am being honest, I am only blogging today because of my love for this dress and my being accustomed to blogging five times a week. It is hard to break the habit once the habit has formed, and in the new year I have made blogging less of a priority over other things in life… but I miss it. Some days. Maternity Wardrobe: 1970's hippie dress  | Being a stay-at-home mom, many weeks Facebook and the blogosphere are my only forms of socialization outside of the constant one-sided conversations I have with Asa. Thus, though I only slept four hours last night due to a semi-sick child, I could not make myself cancel meeting Myranda, finally, even though extra naps today would have been much appreciated. I was so glad to see a face I felt I knew (I know all of her siblings, but had never met her), and at least for my part, it was a wonderful trip with no awkwardness.

Though I may have talked more than I should have, which is something I do when I meet new people. Maternity Wardrobe: 1970's hippie dress  | www.eccentricowl.comVintage dress, thrifted | earrings, gift | boots, JC Penney

And, in keeping up with the honesty of today, I will admit that instead of being a productive mother, I am going to rescue Asa from the confines of his crib (where he should be napping, but has instead resisted and resorted to pitiful tears) and we are going to watch Disney movies until my husband gets home.

It is Monday, after all. These days should be taken slowly, and with lots of snacks. 😉


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