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Eshakti Dress and Retro Styling

Eshakti Dress and Retro Styling | www.eccentricowl.comEshakti Dress and Retro Styling |

Today, I got dressed purely to wear something beautiful. I didn’t stay in this dress, because I am sick (not pregnant-sick, so that’s a plus…?) and occasionally feverish, and it was probably a bad idea to even try doing an outfit post, but… I needed this. Do you ever have those weeks where you just feel unattractive for days on end? When you get in a funk where nothing really works on you because of weight gain or a stupid haircut or a cold that won’t go away or a situation that was weird, and you start giving up because what’s the point of getting dressed when you can just sit around in pajamas all day?

That has been me for the last three weeks. Given, I’m pregnant, getting through the phase of morning sickness, ten pounds heavier than I’m used to being, and I’ve spent the last three weeks split between the couch and the bathroom. But this pregnancy has affected me the opposite of my first one — I don’t feel like I have a beautiful growing bump, or that magic pregnancy glow, and I have been a lot sicker this time. So basically I’ve been feeling the extra pounds, and both nauseated AND legitimately sick with a very bad cold. I haven’t been wearing makeup or even showering regularly, and all of that added together is enough to make any woman feel like trash.

Eshakti Dress and Retro Styling | www.eccentricowl.comEshakti Dress and Retro Styling |

So today, after a three-day run of no nausea, despite the nagging cold that is settling into my chest, I decided it was time to clean myself up and put on something pretty. Even if only for twenty or thirty  minutes. Just to remind myself that it’s still possible to feel attractive, and that this is just a phase of early pregnancy, and that even if my haircolor is somewhat… unexpected… it can still look good. I’m planning to dye it back to dark brown as soon as I can get a few boxes of my favorite dye, and then we’ll be back in business.

I settled on this dress because I was perusing all of my style archives on Pinterest (and thinking how sometimes I feel like my style used to be a little more fun than it is now) and came across my first post about it… and had to wear it again. I don’t know if it’s still available on Eshakti, but it’s called The Bird’s Eye View dress, and they used to have a skirt as well. I plan to save up and buy another dress from them; having a site that will make a dress to your exact measurements is pretty much a dream come true for this girl, whose hip-to-waist ratio is a 15″ difference. I’d love to order a figure-skimming dress from them, with my own measurements perfectly put in!Eshakti Dress and Retro Styling | I have also been missing regular outfit posting; all of the other things are fun to post, but to me, blogging is about style. I love sharing every day moments, but fashion is my love when it comes to blog posts. I am hoping that this run of no nausea or throwing up stays, and that the good weather also cooperates so that I can get back to wearing actual clothes every day, and my husband can get back to photographing my outfits on the weekends.  Eshakti Dress and Retro Styling | Eshakti Dress and Retro Styling |

I have to apologize for most of the pictures being slightly out of focus. But, you know. Sick, pregnant, no camera remote… it’s the best I could do today.

I hope my posts lately haven’t come off as too depressing — really, despite being sick and pregnant, life hasn’t been horrible. Asa continues to be a ham, which really brightens up every day, and we’re getting ready to move back to my parents’ basement which will be wonderful. I’m looking forward to being back in that area, with my own things surrounding me, and I’m secretly hoping I can help renovate the basement. Since currently almost all of it is old and dingy and pretty much exactly what you would expect from a farmhouse basement. (Except for our rooms, which are nice and new.)Eshakti Dress and Retro Styling |

Dress c/o Eshakti | coat c/o Oasap | thrifted heels | gift necklace and earrings

On another note, I do have to mention that this coat has been the first thing that was not what I expected from Oasap. Online, it is called a Woolen Cape, and all of the pictures, if you’re not aware that it’s actually a coat, look like a cape. The description also calls it a cape, and the only indication that it is actually a coat is the measurements, which list a sleeve length. I totally missed that, and I was pretty disappointed that it’s not a cape. However, it is a cute coat (who doesn’t love a hood and pockets?) and it will be perfect for maternity down the road if I’m in a cold place with a massive belly.

So, be aware, if you’re browsing and see this “cape”… it’s actually a coat. With sleeves. But cute, once you get over that.

I hope you are all having a good week so far! I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday; the weekend can’t come soon enough right now!

Happy Thursday!


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  • skye

    *hugs* Ugh, I feel that pain. I have no idea what being pregnant is like (it kinda freaks me out, honestly), but I felt like garbage during the last few weeks of my last theater production. Life, at those times, is about going from point A to point B and dressing as functionally as possible. (And I got the flu right after the show was over, soooo…) So I really empathize. But you still look absolutely gorgeous. Like, I wouldn’t guess you were sick AT ALL.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Haha, pregnancy is not as scary as I thought it would be. Is it weird that i’m actually looking forward to labor? Because… honestly, I had a long and painful labor, but I think this whole morning sickness phase is WAY worse. At least labor is over in a few hours (or, in my case, 70 hours… but… um… yeah.)

      Ugh, the flu is the worst! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has felt that way for a few weeks. And I’m a good pretender when there’s makeup, a pretty dress, and only a few minutes in front of the camera. 😉 Haha!

  • Salazar

    Well, I don’t know about being pregnant either, but I’ve just had a bout of cold mixed with food poisoning so I can totally sympathize with you. And yes, sometimes cleaning yourself up and putting on a nice dress can make you feel human again, so rock on!

  • Jamie Rose

    Aw I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Sometimes getting all dressed up can brighten your mood a little bit though. You look incredibly pretty in this red dress. I love the bird detailing. Eshakti is pretty great for those of us with non-average bodies! For me, it’s wonderful having a dress made that isn’t too long in the torso or way too long in general.

    Anyway, feel better soon!

    Jamie |

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you Jamie! I did feel better all day mentally, just from taking pictures to prove that I actually got dressed, haha! Isn’t it great? I love Eshakti for the length and sleeve and pocket options, and the tailoring. I think I have a problem with needing a slightly shorter bodice as well, because my dresses usually have waistlines that are too low.

  • Heather Gwinn

    Drats my post didn’t go through. Guess that’s the luck of commenting through a cell. Anyhoo, it’s funny that you share about an Eshakti dress because I was wearing one today. This is the second one I bought and it’s almost like they’re giving them away. Both times I was given $35+ in coupons and discounts plus another 25% for cell users! Your dress looks wonderful on you. I’m like you, I love fashion posts too. I truly enjoy a mix of other topics but I love seeing others create outfits and sharing my own fashion style.

    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I hope you get to feeling better and more like yourself soon. So you’re moving back home? Do your parents live in the same area?

    Take Care,
    Heather ♥

    • Eccentric Owl

      I hate it when that happens! Especially if I type a long comment. Sigh.

      Eshakti dresses are SO pretty, and I long to buy a few more! This was a c/o item, but I’ve been eyeing a few of their dresses and hoarding a few pennies so that I can have another perfectly tailored dress!

      Yes, my parents live about 30 minutes away, in the area where I grew up (not the same house!) And they live 10 minutes walking distance away from a rocky beach and a woodland park, so I’m super excited! I LOVE the area they live in, because it’s so full of gorgeous scenery!

    • Eccentric Owl

      You should definitely get more dresses! I mean, if they make you feel beautiful; I always say, get more of what you feel best in! And subsequently, I have 50+ dresses and about 70 skirts. Haha!

  • Kathy H

    Oh Shoot, I thought I was going to be so original in my comment, but hey this dress is stunning, you are stunning and this is one of my favorite looks on you. You are so growing up since I first started reading your blog about 3 years ago. Good for you!!