Maternity Style and a Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Maternity Style and a Giveaway! | Maternity Style and a Giveaway! |

Happy Tuesday! Today’s post is going to be short because I am trying really hard to update Etsy and also because… tired pregnant mom. Not gonna lie, I’m SO ready to be done being pregnant!

Maternity Style and a Giveaway! | I thrifted this skirt on Saturday because I had nothing to wear that fit for a wedding we were going to… on Saturday. Last minute, much? Sadly, I didn’t get to take any outfit pictures other than the one I posted on Instagram, but I think this skirt is destined to be something I always pair with other patterns! I already have two or three different outfits dreamed up and all of them include another patterned shirt of mine. There’s just something about the pattern and colors on this that work perfectly with lots of other patterns.Maternity Style and a Giveaway! | Maternity Style and a Giveaway! |

Today I am also hosting a little giveaway, because I chose a dress from Oasap that just doesn’t quite work on me (too pregnant! And side note, if you are also pregnant, the waistline hits right around where your natural waist is — or was, ha! — so it might fit funky over a preggo belly unless you carry low) but it is SO pretty that I’d rather send it to someone who will wear and love it!


I think this dress would be so perfect with a big floppy hat at the beach, or paired with boots and a slouchy coat in the fall. It’s really silky feeling fabric, which makes it SUPER comfortable. And since I chose the dress for myself, it is a size large only, but you can click the image to find the size chart. I think this dress would be flattering on quite a few different body types and sizes, though. And seriously, the fabric is so comfy!

To enter, comment with how you would style this dress, and your email address. You have until August 11 to enter, and I’ll announce the winner shortly thereafter! (Open internationally!) Good luck!

Maternity Style and a Giveaway! |

Shirt and skirt, thrifted | shoes c/o Propet | glasses c/o Firmoo | earrings vintage/gift

Have a happy Tuesday!


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  • Kristi Beitler

    You look gorgeous! I’m always impressed by how you come up with these incredible ways to mix patterns.

    The giveaway dress is stunning. I would style it with some boots and a chunky knit sweater and even a velvet hat for Fall. In summer I would wear strappy sandals and and a wide brim hat with big sunglasses and some bangles on my wrists.

    Kristi B

  • Colleen Perez

    I have been following your blog for quite awhile and really enjoy it. I LOVE vintage clothing especially clothes that remind me of the 1920’s and this dress definately does that. I would get a while floppy had with black trim around it. I would also have a pair of black Bar Shoes or T-Strap shoes and the earrings would be a black and silver drop earrings. This dress would look great on me as I already have the Miss FIsher hairstyle from Miss Fisher;s murder mysteries which is set in 1925

  • Jess Westphal

    I would love to have this dress for the end of this summer. Just into my third trimester, and the cooler, the better. Looks like it would be perfect for wearing around the house but would be simple to add my denim jacket and some sandals to for transitioning to girls night or date night!

    • Eccentric Owl

      It is super lightweight and comfortable! Just a forewarning (which I think I’ll edit into this post, because I forgot to mention it), the waistline is awkward on a pregnant belly because it hits at the natural waistline instead of higher. So I mean, it could still be cute but my natural waist is basically currently the widest part of my stomach, so it looks weird. Thus, the giveaway! I think it would work if your preggo belly is lower than mine, though! (I carry high, I think.) And YES to the denim jacket and sandals!

  • Justina Kenyon

    That skirt is awesome!
    I would wear this dress with my black and brown combat boots and this wonderful gray, asymmetrical, open front cardigan I have. Comfy and (I’d like to think) chic 🙂 This would be a nice dress to wear to my office, since I never know when I will be called to court, long dresses are the most appropriate.

  • holly

    Ohhh I love that dress! Perfect to teach in – comfy and stylish. I would wear it with my red ballet flats, a dark teal cardigan, and a black/red/teal paisley print head scarf! In the winter I would wear my black heeled booties, purple tights, and a thick, black and white floral cardigan that I just stole out of my mom’s closet!

  • Chelsea

    Ohhhh!!! Maternity photo sesh!! Been scouting for a flowy white dress that has a boho vibe that I can pair with a floral crown & bare feet. Then, after baby is born (09/30/15) I would style with my grey booties, black felt fedora, & my drapey grey sweater with a beautiful lace-like cutout design in the back. Only wish I were half as motivated to look as lovely as you do/have while pregnant. Please come tell me how to dress!!! Lol. Most days I’m lucky to throw on pants before my 2.5 year old is demanding books, “brakfist,” & her ballet ensemble. Oh & email:

    • Eccentric Owl

      Ah, that sounds like a PERFECT session! A little warning, though, the waistline on this sits RIGHT through the middle of my belly instead of above it (it’s not empire waisted) so it would work well with a belly that is low, but not so much if you carry high. And I am wondering if it fits me so awkwardly because I’m so far along (like, if I was less pregnant the waist would be more workable) But hey, if you win at least it was free! 😉

  • Sophie

    I love white in general so this dress would fit right in! Lately I have been more brave and wore some vintage dresses from the 70ies my mom gave me. We actually played dress up in those when we were little. 😀
    And I am eying a big old floppy hat in a greyish beige tone that would look awesome with it…a reason more to finally make the purchase :D. In winter I would just throw on my orange striped sweater and some big earrings. So maybe I am lucky and win it…

  • Katy M

    What a lovely dress and a generous giveaway 🙂 I have a cardigan with tiny little flowers all over that I think would go great with this – thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • Emily

    Firstly I am LOVING your pattern clash outfit! Especially that skirt! So pretty and you could wear it so many ways! Secondly, that dress in you giveaway is stunning so might as well have a go at winning! In Winter I would style it with tan boots, my long red knit cardi and finished off with a tan belt OR my black boots, khaki cardigan and black beanie. For warmer weather simply just my red sandals and some bright red lippy OR black sandals and a floral headscarfe OR coral wedges, coral lippy and a big floppy sun hat! So many options!

    Emily – –

    Oh and email is

  • Leslie Bernardon

    Boots and bracelets allll the way for fall! And something with 3/4 sleeves to go over it. It’s beautiful! I can’t even remember the last time I got a new dress, my 3 kids get all of my money, lol. Also, your outfit is beautiful. Stripes and floral is my favorite combo. I never would have paired those shoes with it, but they look amazing!

  • Melissa

    I would wear it as is and add different colored flats each time I wore it. .blue,green, polka dot! I’ve been following you on instagram for a couple years and you inspire me to start an account dedicated to my love of all things vintage!

  • Leah

    I think I would just let the dress talk by itself, with a simple pair of sandals and a little gold jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂 leahDOTfilleyATgmailDOTcom