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Perfectly Plaid | Perfectly Plaid |

With the breakout of fall there always comes a rash of bloggers gushing over how much they love fall in all of its fall-ness. The Starbucks-pumpkin-spice-latte-loving, scarf-piling, crisp-orange-leaf-day-adoring, will-make-everything-out-of-pumpkins-imaginable bloggers. And, just as opposite but equally emerging are those who protest the former. Who don’t like Starbucks, who live in a climate that doesn’t have fall weather, who can’t stand pumpkins, or who just simply don’t like fall and hate the platitudes brought on by the change of weather. I am always amused by the stark contrast of these two types, and always find myself extra careful to avoid stereotypes as the weather changes. For the most part, I try not to stumble into either camp.

But I like fall, for the most part. Who doesn’t enjoy pretty leaves and a chance to pull out clothes that have been put away for a few seasons? Who doesn’t like sharing a seasonal drink with friends, or simply savoring a hot coffee on a cold day? And, who isn’t sometimes annoyed by repetitive trends in blogging? Personally, I don’t really like pumpkin spice lattes (although my husband does), and we don’t get many stereotypically “fall” days here — as in sunny, cold, surrounded by beautiful crunchy orange leaves. But there are definitely still things I associate with fall, that I love and that I will never fail to verbally appreciate from time to time.

Perfectly Plaid |

For me, fall means rainy days, foggy mornings, and the smell of woodsmoke in the air. For me, fall means finally being able to wear all of the woolly plaids and nubby sweaters I’ve packed away in a box or found thrifting in the summer. For me it means an emergence of my brooch collection as I begin to layer and have more structured fabrics to hold them. And, of course, I always have to make a pumpkin pie, and carve a pumpkin.

While the leaves do occasionally turn orange here, they usually end up wet and soggy on the ground, and we are just as equally surrounded by evergreens that never lose their green but inevitably drop a plethora of orange needles and dark pine-cones as the temperature drops. There are not as many crisp days with crunchy leaves, as Washington often lives up to its stereotype of cloudy and rainy — or, more accurately, misty. And, oftentimes the maples drop leaves that are more brown than orange. Yet, while it may not be picture-perfect fall, I love it here. And I always will.

Perfectly Plaid | Perfectly Plaid |

This fall it seems I have gotten much more creative with my hair. I am particularly pleased with it today; after searching for “1950’s updos” on Google, I came across this image and decided to imitate it. The bow of my scarf is partly in the way of the roll in the front, so you can’t quite see all the detail, but I still love how it works. On a day-to-day basis, to keep my hair from getting pulled by kids or being thrown into a haphazard bun, I’ve been trying to put it up in some sort of retro hairstyle. And now that I’ve sort of mastered the victory roll, it’s much easier and quicker than I would have thought! So, even if the rest of me is completely a mess, at  least my head will look good for Selfies. Ha!

Perfectly Plaid | Perfectly Plaid |

I am also very pleased with the many components of this outfit that were thrifted over the last few weeks. I recently visited a little thrift store not five minutes away from my house for the first time, and was very excited to find two brooches, a silky vintage dress, and this sweater which is part of a skirt-sweater set. It’s vintage as well, and when I saw it I knew that even if the skirt didn’t end up fitting well (it doesn’t), the sweater would be a piece I could get some use out of. The color is so beautiful, and the pattern in the wool is just fantastic! Plus, that scalloped neckline!

I also found two pairs of barely-worn (or possibly  never worn) shoes in a recent trip, both colorful, both with bows on the toes, both really comfortable. And, this vintage purse and gloves set! I decided for once to scan areas of my local Goodwill that weren’t clothing items, and happened to find this purse. When I opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised to find the matching gloves inside. It’s one of those things you never think will happen to you — how often does one come across a beautiful wood and plaid purse with a matching set of gloves for $4? Yeah, not very.Perfectly Plaid |

Perfectly Plaid |

Vintage sweater, vintage bag & gloves, vintage brooch, belt, headscarf, and wedges, thrifted | shawl, c/o Oasap | skirt, c/o Choies | glasses, c/o Firmoo

What gets you excited for fall? Or, if fall is not your thing, what season is your favorite and why?

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  • Booksphotographsandartwork

    You look fabulous! Those greens and reds really suit you. And your hair is wonderful. Love the gloves, how fun! No wear near cold enough for me to wear a sweater yet. I get hot too easily. The stores will be too hot. If I go to my dad’s house for Thanksgiving it will be too hot! And my daughter’s house will be too hot! No sweaters for me. Such a shame because they offer another entire dimension to the wardrobe.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! It’s too bad it’ll be too hot for you to wear sweaters! I don’t normally wear them either because I get too warm with a baby on me all the time, but the short sleeves on this one help!

  • SaraLily

    I am in my happy place now that it’s Fall. Fall and Winter are my favorite – I am just happier when it’s cooler out. I don’t like the heat. I adore the holiday season and don’t get why people get so angry when I start to celebrate early. It’s such a warm and cozy time of year! Why is getting excited for that a bad thing?? Ugh, people!

    I love this outfit, btw. It’s so sassy and almost holiday-esque! Me likey!! 😉

    • Eccentric Owl

      I agree; I’m not much for the hot weather either. And YES to holidays!!! Haha, I have a friend who starts planning for Christmas in the summer; it’s her favorite holiday and she counts down REALLY early. I love it! 😀

      Thank you!

  • Emily

    “rainy days, foggy mornings, and the smell of woodsmoke in the air” – YES. This is what fall is SUPPOSED to be like! Because I’m from the Northwest 🙂

    I love this look, and I am still so in awe of the gloves/handbag set you found! So perfect.

    • Eccentric Owl

      I love the woodsmoke especially; I was out for a walk the other day and the smell of woodsmoke seriously… so good. Also, I JUST learned that you’re from the Northwest; no wonder we have so much in common. 😉 PNW people are the best ones. Haha!

      Me, too! I loved the bag itself, but then to find it had gloves was… the best thing ever!

  • Lyndsey M

    Yes yes yes!!! I am totally with you on how fall should be.. I feel like this should be a post that we share amongst the SBS group!! Imagine how differently we would be able to view fall from 6 different perspectives.. what a wonderful idea!

    I love your outfit and I just fully noticed that those are indeed swans on your skirt and not cute little ghosts! I like them as both ;). Oh and that hedgehog pin… now THAT is gold. <3<3