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Every once in a while, I wear an outfit that evokes a certain feeling to me, and I begin a story narrative in my head. It’s not always a complete narrative, but more an emotion or a look that gets me started on the tangent of the imaginary character by whom my clothes might be worn. Here, I felt as if this could be the outfit of a vagabond who had married into high society, but couldn’t quite hide her wanderer’s heart.

A Wanderer's Heart |

I think it’s partly due to the hidden leopards in my skirt, who prowl among the flowers and aren’t immediately apparent, but also this vintage jacket with its fox tails perched on the shoulders give a luxurious but slightly wild feel to the look. I felt as if I were a 1940’s gypsy masquerading as a lady. There’s just something about vintage velvets and furs that feels a little bit wild. And it’s funny, because nothing in this outfit is older than the 80’s, but all together it feels old-fashioned.

A Wanderer's Heart | A Wanderer's Heart |

I think the pared-down makeup also helps the illusion — who knew that my laziness in only using mascara and lipstick would fit in with the story? I absolutely love outfits like this, that tell a tale. Plus, it’s an outfit that feels very much ME, and that makes it all the better!

Also, I know, I just wore these shoes but what can I say? They’re stylish, they’re comfortable, and they’re yellow. There is literally nothing better. Except maybe furry slippers.

A Wanderer's Heart |

Vintage velvet and foxtail jacket, gift | vintage skirt, scarf, belt, and shoes, thrifted | earrings, gift

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