Date Night: Stripes and Florals

Date Night: Stripes and Florals | Date Night: Stripes and Florals |

Last Friday, my husband and I went out on a date. It’s something we’ve tried extra hard to do at least twice a month ever since Asa was born; I think several people gave us the advice to make a point to continue dating each other after marriage and especially after kids, and I think it’s great advice! Not only does it keep each other the focus of your relationship and remind you both to value each other as friends and lovers, but it also teaches and reassures your kids as they grow older that their parents have a solid relationship. No matter how much they protest seeing you kissing your husband/wife, deep down they totally like it. 😉

Date Night: Stripes and Florals | Date Night: Stripes and Florals |

No matter where we plan to go, I try to get dressed up. You might think it would be hard for a gal who mostly wears skirts to dress up even more, but it’s not; there’s always a fancier way to wear your staples! And even though this outfit is basically just a skirt and tee, I think the very slight off-the-shoulder of the top and the addition of jewelry and heels and actually brushing and styling my hair down for once makes it feel date-night worthy.

And can I just stop to gush over this jewelry for a minute? It’s all from Rocksbox, and I am utterly in love. The ring is so delicate and slightly Celtic-looking in nature which I adore, and the necklace is the perfect amount of simple with sparkle, and these earrings! After just one round of feedback my stylist totally nailed it! I highly recommend testing them out for yourself — there’s nothing to lose if you use eccentricowlblogxoxo. A free month of jewelry to start you out, and if you decide it’s not your thing at the end you can cancel your subscription easily! But seriously guys, why would you WANT to cancel getting pretty jewelry in your mailbox all the time? Yeah. I wouldn’t.

Date Night: Stripes and Florals | Date Night: Stripes and Florals |

It’s saying something that I wore all of the pieces together; I am not a huge jewelry wearer and will usually only wear one piece at once. But if I could have more like this, I’d wear jewelry more often I think!

Date Night: Stripes and Florals |

Shirt and belt, thrifted | Vintage skirt c/o Cut and Chic Vintage | shoes, Kohl’s | Jewelry c/o Rocksbox | Glasses c/o Firmoo

What are your favorite things to do on date nights? Do you dress up or dress down?

Happy Friday!


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Jewelry provided by Rocksbox, but all opinions are my own!


  • Anna Martin

    I’m kind of obsessed with stripes + anything, sooooo. I’m biased. Haha. I love this, obviously! The skirt really pops. Beautiful color and print! You look perfect! <3

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment for me, too. I really appreciated it! <333

    – Anna

  • Booksphotographsandartwork

    A date night for married people with children is fabulous for the family. And kissing in front of the kids and showing lots of affection is too. Love the fact that you always dress up for it as well. As a nation we are falling down in that area.

  • SaraLily

    I love this outfit so much – I know I already said so but it just looks so awesome on you. I think it may be one of my favorites!! =D

  • Lyndsey M

    I just realized the only striped item I own in my closet is a blazer!? What is wrong with me!?! This makes me want striped shirts again. I totally love how you mix colors and prints so effortlessly. Someone please bring me out of my matchy-matchy turtle shell! Lolol.
    Also, awww about you and your husband dating each other. I love that! I’m trying to get my husband to date me now haha. We go out to lunch together all the time, so I guess that counts for now ;).