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Homeschooler Style | Homeschooler Style |

There is something about this outfit that very much reminds me of Amy Flying a Kite. Perhaps because of the longer skirt length, the of-the-woods feel to the colors, the slightly unruly hair (to me, used to straight hair), and the whimsy that comes with headscarves and unusual prints on skirts. I don’t know exactly what it is, but the entire thing feels very Amy.

Perhaps it’s also because these glasses, newly received from Firmoo, feel a bit homeschooler-ish to me, and Amy has a (very charming) homey vibe in her posts. (And she was/is, in fact, home-schooled.)

Homeschooler Style |

I’m sure many of you know this by now, if you’ve read my blog for a while, but I was home-schooled. I’m the only one of my siblings who was entirely home-schooled from kindergarten to high-school, and who never attended college. People used to be surprised when I mentioned that I was home-schooled, and that I loved it. There’s a certain stereotype that comes with the word — a stereotype of extreme modesty, of long, uncut hair, of unstylish clothing and unsocialized personalities and an overall air of naivety.

Maybe it’s a changing perception, but growing up, saying you were home-schooled was either your downfall amongst peers or the fodder for questions such as the all-too-familiar “do you go to school in your pajamas?”

But I never cared. I loved being able to finish my homework by  noon when my friends were still at school, and having an entire afternoon and evening free when they still had papers to write and tests to complete. I loved the flexibility of the schedule, being at home, speeding through certain subjects, and graduating early because I just wanted to be done. I feel as though it gave me more leave to be creative in the ways I wanted to be, and I think I learned more at home than I would have in a classroom. I am a one-on-one, show-it-to-me-first kind of learner, and I don’t know if I would have had the same experience or gained the same knowledge at school.

Homeschooler Style | Homeschooler Style |

I had hoped that this pair of glasses, my sixth from Firmoo (the others: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) would lean more towards a retro cat-eye 50’s look, but in all honesty they remind me of my mom and, I think, make me look much more like her. Which is not a bad thing. But they’re not quite as retro as I had hoped.

The thing I love about Firmoo, though, is that the prescription has always been spot-on for me, the fit is always wonderful, delivery is fast, they’re affordable, and their glasses look exactly like the picture. Perhaps if I had bothered to peek at the images submitted by other wearers I would have realized they weren’t the retro feel I was going for, or if I had used their “try it on” feature, I could have chosen a different frame more suited to my tastes.

Homeschooler Style |

Vintage leather coat, thrifted | skirt and booties, thrifted | shirt and tights, Target | necklace, c/o Rocksbox | glasses, c/o Firmoo

Still, I can see myself wearing these for certain outfits. The little details really please me – the pretty design on the sides, the tiny rhinestones, the tortoiseshell. I love glasses that have small details to make an overall great design.

And even if they make me look a bit more home-schooler than I had hoped, hey… it’s what I am. So on those days when I’m feeling extra nerdy, I’ll grab these frames, a stack of books, and exhibit my upbringing in the details of what I wear.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


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  • Booksphotographsandartwork

    I forgot that you were home-schooled all the way through school as was my daughter! Cute glasses.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Yes! I loved it! I think it was really the perfect mode of education for me — I have nothing against schools and may send my kids to school but personally I think being home-schooled was just what I needed!

  • Heather Gwinn

    I was never homeschooled but I often wish I could homeschool my youngest. I don’t particularly like the school system and wish we could go at a different pace. Will you homeschool your children? Oh and it might sound weird but it’s kinda nice to hear I’m not the only one who didn’t go to college. I’m constantly intimidated by people who have.

    I love your 70’s vibe! Your coat is amazing, beautiful color. You’re glasses are definitely a bit different but I like the top rim of them. It completely changed your look. It’s crazy how a pair of glasses can do that! It’s a shame they don’t let you pick out your own though.


    • Eccentric Owl

      I think it will depend on the child; I’m not against school systems and I know we have a few really great schools around here! But I think each kid learns differently — my husband learned WAY better in a classroom. So we’ll see! And I KNOW. I am, too! It’s always reassuring to meet other people who didn’t go to college.

      They do let me pick out my own, but there’s a limited selection (by limited, probably about fifty different frames) that I can choose, so I don’t get the whole site range. I thought I’d try something really different from what I have been choosing, though, and I’m glad I did even if they’re not exactly what I hoped for.

  • Justina Kenyon

    I was homeschooled from kindergarten all the way through high school and I loved it so much. My siblings and I got (or “get” since some of them are still in school) a lot of questions about whether we had friends or not and if we wished we had gone to public school. Those questions get a bit old after a while. I don’t think I would have thrived in a public or private school setting the way I did at home and I know I wouldn’t have had as many learning experiences. My parents were travel bugs, so a lot of our school was done on the road. I always enjoyed how we got to see things rather than just read about them.
    Even as an adult I identify as a homeschooler because it was so important to me.

    Your whole outfit is wonderful. It is somehow retro and timeless. Your skirt looks like the perfect mix of stylish and comfortable (the best!) and I like the simplicity of your necklace.

    • Eccentric Owl

      I still identify as a homeschooler, too. I think it was really instrumental in making me the person I am today! I just learned better in the home environment, and I think with my personality having certain types of peers in a school setting could have been really bad and led me down some really unfortunate paths. So home was definitely a great thing for me!

      Thank you, Justine!

  • Lally MacBeth

    I was home-schooled for a year and I loved it. I think as you say it’s great if you like to be hands on and enjoy one on one learning. I loved being able to be more creative and having more time to spend on things I enjoyed. Going back to school seemed so terrible after being at home! Anyway your outfit! It’s fab. That skirt is a masterpiece and the glasses look great on you I think! XX