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Long Florals

Long Florals |

I want to keep this dress. I really, really do. You know I have a thing for florals, and I love long dresses, and obviously I tend towards keeping every vintage piece I find… but somehow I think this one will end up going to my shop.

Why? Because I tried and tried, but I couldn’t seem to style it to my satisfaction. I don’t have the necessary pieces in my wardrobe to make this dress perfection — some great brown high heeled boots and a wide-brimmed hat would be so good — and it also doesn’t fit me the way it should. I shot photos fairly quickly today (because, cold) and when I popped back through them I only liked… two. Part of that is the lighting, I know, but partly also because I think this dress would be better on a curvier gal! Which is great, because I’ve been wanting to add more and more to my plus size section on Etsy!

Long Florals | Long Florals |

I’m not quite busty enough for it. But, oh. Florals, and pockets, and long full skirts… my heart will miss you.

It’s always a thing I love and hate about having an Etsy shop — I get to wear pieces I wouldn’t normally wear just for the fun of it… but then I wear pieces I wouldn’t normally wear and I wish I could keep them. The biggest payoff of having a vintage shop, though, is when a piece goes to the perfect person and they share a picture with me! I love seeing people style the items I’ve found; passing on a beautiful garment brings me a lot of joy, and that’s basically why I sell vintage. Because it’s fun and it spreads a little bit of beauty around the world!

Long Florals |

Dress, available in my Etsy shop here | heels, thrifted

I’m off to clean the house; somehow, between Friday and Monday our house became a tornado zone (oh yes, holiday weekend!) and it’s in need of a good scrubbing. And then, Christmas decorating!

Do you decorate the day after Thanksgiving like my husband’s family does, or do you wait until December 1st to decorate for Christmas (like I am prone to do?). Or, do you do it even later or earlier than that?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! Because Mondays are never fun. 😉

P.S. Today is the last day of the sale in my Etsy shop! If you use the code THANKS15 you’ll get 15% off anything!


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  • dani

    I love this dress, and it reminds me of one I had in my (now-non-existent) shop. I desperately wanted it to work for me, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

    We celebrated Thanksgiving on a Saturday this year, because obviously we don’t get the day off here in the UK, and I wanted all of my in-laws to be able to make it. So I spent the day after our dinner (Sunday) decorating, though we don’t have a tree yet. We’ll be getting a tree and going to a Christmas market in our town this weekend!

  • SaraLily

    Oooo how dark and vampy – is vampy a word? Is it the world I am even looking for? I don’t know. But I’m digging the vibes here – too bad it doesn’t fit you the way you’d like. But hey, hopefully someone will dig it too and can rock it!!

  • Emily

    Yes to everything about selling vintage! I tend to look on the positive side of it and get excited about finding a new home for a fantastic garment, but I do feel those pangs and I also get annoyed at myself sometimes with all the things that I just “have” to keep. But, I remind myself that if I fall out of love with them in another six months – they’ll still be vintage! And I can sell them then, too.