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International Women's Day |   International Women's Day |

Growing up, I was what most people would likely consider to be sheltered. I had a curfew. I wasn’t allowed to watch Disney movies that were too magical. I didn’t have Barbies. I once left the mom and dad dollhouse dolls hugging on a bed, and didn’t get why that was a problem with my friend’s very strict mom (and I mean, I was like… six. I still don’t get why she assumed the worst. Seriously.) I thought kissing made babies for longer than I care to admit.

International Women's Day | www.eccentricowl.comInternational Women's Day |

So, it’s probably no surprise that even today, while I am less conservative than my parents in some ways, and my knowledge of how things work has become much more informed, I am still in a sort of self-imposed sheltered state. I don’t watch the news. I don’t follow debates. I honestly have every little knowledge of who the presidential candidates are right now, other than names and vague facts (and guys, don’t vote for Donald Trump. Seriously.)

International Women's Day |

I am not ashamed of this fact, nor am I proud. It just is. I have always been quite sensitive to stories on the news; the rapes, the murders, the addicts, the arrests, the landslides… it all gives me horrible visions of what might happen to my own family and I just can’t. Any incredibly important things brought up in the news, I learn from my dad, or Facebook, or friends. If I were to watch the news or follow it myself, I would probably be a mess of fear, caught in a river of sadness at the way the world continues to fall.

I get tired of the debates on politics, the arguments about where we should stand in all the movements out there, the brash offense taken if someone so much as implies they have faith in something, and all of the madness that is our world.International Women's Day |

This is why I had no idea that International Women’s Day was a thing. I’m not up on the holidays my calendar should be marked with, other than the standard – Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, President’s Day, etc. Every time someone mentions a new holiday in my group of friends (let’s be honest: on Facebook) I am pleasantly surprised. International Donut Day? YES PLEASE. And thank you.

International Women's Day |

Today, we celebrate and appreciate women, and I would like to take a moment to appreciate the important women in my life. My mom, who raised me to be a decent human, who has always been an example to me of a godly woman, who has made it through so many things all while pointing to Christ. My mother-in-law, who has always been incredibly gracious and wonderful, who is another amazing example of a godly woman, and whom I have looked up to for more years than I have know my husband. My late grandma, who was the most giving, Christ-like, sweet, wonderful person I knew.International Women's Day |

My various sisters-in-law who have become the sisters I never had. My best friend Sarah, who I admire as a mother, who inspires me to be present and honest, and who takes some of the best photos I’ve ever seen. And, all of the amazing bloggers I’ve met, whether it be in real life, or through comments and text messages and Facebook.

International Women's Day | International Women's Day |

I feel so privileged to have each and every one of you be a part of my life. Here’s to us, some of the toughest, smartest, wittiest, funniest, and most beautiful people I know.

International Women's Day |

Shirt, Target | Everything else, vintage and thrifted

Happy International Women’s Day!

P.S. If my face looks a bit different today, it’s because my eye was all itchy and watery yesterday (all day long ugh) and is still really watery today, and I don’t know WHY. So, minimal makeup. Anyone else get that? I have never experienced allergies that affect my eyes, but I’m wondering if that’s what it could be.

P.P.S. There are people who say you shouldn’t wear red if you have pink hair. Unfriend those people. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Wear all the colors. Life is too short to worry about clashing. 😉


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  • Emily

    I feel like the whole “such-and-such day” has really exploded in the last few years. Maybe because of social media? But it is nice to take a day to honor women, and I enjoyed reading about the women who are important to you.

    You and I are such opposites when it comes to the news — I work in a news room so I can’t escape it! Knowing what’s going on in our town, our state and the wider world is part of my job, and honestly sometimes I do get burned out and need to unplug from it. My mom chides me sometimes for not watching the news on TV, but when you’re surrounded by it for 8 hours a day, it feels good to take a break!

    But I can totally understand how you feel. I live in a small town so the news we cover is pretty mundane and not too shocking / horrifying much of the time.

    – Emily


    • Eccentric Owl

      It really has. But apparently International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1909! I had no idea.

      Yeah, our town is relatively small but most of the news channels cover news from a neighboring town and Seattle. And my hometown is really, really run down so there’s a lot going on there. I can’t imagine working around the news for 8 hours a day, man. Even if it WAS just small town mundane stuff.

      My husband follows our town’s Most Wanted page, and is now constantly talking about getting himself a weapon to protect us. He wanted me to carry a small gun in my purse and I was like… uh… it’s Gig Harbor. Literally nothing happens. Also no. I don’t like guns (not against them, just don’t like them) and it’s a TERRIBLE idea to carry a gun in a purse that a two-year-old routinely riffles through. So then he said he’d just get me mace.

  • Lizzy

    What a sweet post! I, too, had no idea about International Women’s Day until I started seeing posts pop up about it on Instagram. I was pretty sheltered growing up too. 😉 Perhaps that is why I’m such a news junkie now. Though, it can be draining, like right now in the middle of Primary season. I am so happy to have found your blog. You are such a ray of light and happiness in this sometimes melancholy world. And I love your pink/red combo! 🙂