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If you follow me on Snapchat (and if you don’t, GO DO IT – @eccentricowl) you will have seen a preview of this dress both when it came in the mail, and then today as I shared my editing process. Now, these photos aren’t 100% perfect since the sunlight interfered a bit, but this dress… this dress is beyond perfection.

I have worked with Jenny from Stranger Bird Vintage in the past (this boho Valentine’s day look, and this gorgeous plaid dress), and I have always loved her shop! Recently she contacted me to say she’s moving and wanted to know if I’d like to help her downsize her store a little. As in, blog about this beautiful dress and give you all a 25% off code so that YOU can get a beautiful thing, too! So be sure to scroll to the end of this post for that. I keep eyeing several things in her shop but pregnancy and sticky postpartum weight have kept me from snagging the smaller stuff.

Stranger Bird Vintage | www.eccentricowl.comStranger Bird Vintage |

It was really hard for me to decide between this dress, and this super awesome blue checked dress when Jenny asked if she had anything she could send me. I’ve been wanting more dresses that fit, since postpartum weight has stayed with me and I don’t fit many of my dresses right now. Ultimately I realized I already have a TON of blue in my closet, and I have very little green. In fact, I think this may be only the second green dress I’ve ever had. Which is a shame!

Stranger Bird Vintage |

I love that this dress came with a belt; I have a ton of belts, but sometimes it’s nice to have something already put together, you know? And the flared skirt is totally my jam! Jenny’s dresses always come in excellent condition and really fast, which is great; I hate waiting a really long time for something to ship, even though I often have to wait to ship my own products out due to my lack of a car.

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I shot these photos right in front of my house. Can you believe how magnificent our Rhododendron is? It constantly amazes me that these things are native plants and just grow in the wild. I mean, obviously every flower is a wild plant somewhere (or where would it have come from?) but when it comes to certain things I am just awed that this is just… it just happens here. Ha! Rhodies are everywhere in Washington.

Stranger Bird Vintage |

And it’s super fun because I know have six different potted plants in front of my house. I love love LOVE flowers, but I’ve never really had any of my own to tend until now. Hopefully I don’t kill them. I learned all of my gardening skills from my mom, who… sorry mom… basically kills almost all of her flowers.

I have this dream of one day living in a house whose entire entrance is obscured by wild viney flowers and tall flowers and just every kind of flora imaginable. I love them.

Stranger Bird Vintage | www.eccentricowl.comStranger Bird Vintage | Stranger Bird Vintage |

Dress, free of charge from Stranger Bird Vintage | shoes, scarf, and brooch, thrifted

So as I was editing my photos today, I realized that I haven’t shot any outfits in ten days. After last month’s overabundance of posts, I think my system just needed a rest before I continued, but now I’m weeding through my closet and selling a few clothes (if you are part of Modcloth BST, I’ve posted a HUGE thread of to-sell items there; message me and I can add you) and finding a little more organization and flow to all of blogging. I’m actually scheduling posts. What.

I hope you will forgive the lack of posts this month, although I’m sure most of you don’t miss me that much over a week, ha! I am hoping to get back into a three-posts-a-week schedule, and so far I’ve shot three outfits just today for collabs next week, and it feels good!

So, if you want to snag your own pretty vintage and help the wonderful Jenny clear out some stuff so she can move easier, use the code OWL25 and have at it! And, be sure to leave her feedback when you get things. Nice feedback, because she deserves nothing less. 😉 Thank you Jenny for this GORGEOUS dress! Best of luck moving!

Happy Tuesday!


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