Fall Florals and a Big Hat

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Fall Florals

Every year, I start to feel myself turning more and more towards darker tones as the weather begins to cloud over and the days get shorter. On my most recent vintage-hunting trip, I found this dress mashed into the rack of Forever21 and H&M flimsy frocks at my local Goodwill, and I snagged it immediately. Upon my quick once-over, it appeared to be vintage. It has a metal zipper, the fabric feels like 1970’s polyester, and the style is very retro. I intended to list it on my Etsy shop when I got home.

But then I started to notice small things that make me think perhaps it’s a modern homemade garment.

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The pattern along the seams up the front doesn’t match or flow. It’s not always, but usually vintage garments tend to pattern-match at the seams, or at the very least be sewn together in a way that minimizes the visibility of the seam. As well, the finishing on the inside of the garment — which can be a very telling thing on what era it’s from as well as whether it’s vintage or not — is not as meticulous as the finish on a vintage dress should be. And, a small thing, the band of fabric around the neckline would, on a vintage garment, probably be seam binding rather than the fold-over-and-sew finish that it has.

Fall Florals | eyreeffect.comFall Florals | eyreeffect.comFall Florals |

I am still learning as a vintage hunter.

These accidental grabs happen far and few between these days, but sometimes my love for dark fall florals and 1970’s-esque polyester trips up my vintage-sense. It’s a good thing that secretly, I had hoped to keep this dress all along! If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that floral on a black background is my ultimate favorite floral. And the colors of this dress are so perfect for the season! If I could live in fall florals, I would.

Fall Florals | eyreeffect.comFall Florals | eyreeffect.comFall Florals |

This dress just goes to prove how much I have learned over the last few years. Before I had my Etsy shop — which is where I began to learn the tells of a vintage garment — I would have thought this was a vintage dress. I wouldn’t have known to check the finish, that overlocking can date a garment, that the placement of the zipper can help determine the era of the dress. I wouldn’t have known to check for seam binding, types of lining, certain stitches, fabric types. I would have assumed the metal zipper, general good quality, and feel of fabric dated it well enough, and left it at that.

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And, while the dress isn’t vintage, the purse and brooch are!

I think part of the essence of my blog is showcasing outfits that have a good mix of modern and vintage to create something timeless. While I adore bloggers who wear entirely vintage, and also bloggers who create that very popular pinup-housewife look with modern reproductions, I have never felt like I fit into either category. Labels aren’t really necessary, but I love to have a category. Mine, I hope, falls into the “Classic Style” category.

What do you feel is the essence of your blog?

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  • Helene

    You are way too pretty and your photos are always perfect! I love the outfit that you put together here. It’s such a fall staple! I’ve definitely gotta strengthen my vintage hunting skills and get on your level.

  • Nicole Motahari

    As always you look adorable! Pretty please- is there any way to request a Beetle Juice esque outfit? That hat screams Lydia to me <3

  • Noelle

    You need to teach me all your vintage hunting ways! I know to look for things like care instructions, fiber content, or union tags to date an item, but I didn’t realize that construction was such a tip off either.

    I adore an autumn floral on a black background! It’s the perfect granny chic mixed with dark mystery and you are some kind of film noir goddess in this outfit! Oh, yes. Also, I think this is the autumn version of my golden girls dress! Ha!

    • The Eyre Effect

      There are things such as the overlock stitch (I think that’s what it’s called?) that didn’t exist pre-60’s or 70’s, if it says “made in USA” on the tag it’s likely 80’s or later, if the zipper is in the side, that was a 50’s and pre thing to do, while a back zipper generally indicated 60’s or later (not ALWAYS, but it was standard to have a side zip) and a lot of little things that you start to notice in different constructions! I don’t remember where I found all the info, maybe Vintage Fashion Guild? It’s kind of been gleaned from lots of internet searching to date things!

      Oh my goodness, this totally IS the fall version of your Golden Girls dress! We’re like night and day!

  • Kara

    I love this look – it’s so perfectly autumnal! And I also am always jealous of people who look amazing in hats. 😉 Like you, I like combining modern and vintage…while a lot of my dresses are true vintage, I love pairing them with ultra-modern shoes or mixing in different eras. For me, it’s what personalizes my style. I also totally agree that dating vintage takes years to perfect! It’s not an exact science, but when I’m flipping through the racks at thrift stores, I look for very different things than I would have even just a few years ago to determine it’s era. We’re all learning with each new dress we scoop up. (and vintage or not – that dress is stunning on you!)

  • Emily

    That dress is great! I have totally been confused by some 70s fast fashion garments I’ve bought, but in the opposite way – I assumed they were home-sewn at first because of the finish details, only to find a Union label tucked inside a side seam! It seems like there’s an exception to every rule. Either way, it’s a gorgeous dress and you look lovely in it!

  • Hannah Rupp

    OMG, I looked at a purse exactly like that last week at a garage sale and was half tempted to buy it for you. So glad I didn’t considering you already have it! I like how the pattern of the bag plays against your floral dress. It’s so quirky and cool!

    I would have never guessed your dress wasn’t true vintage. It’s a great dupe!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater