Graphic print skirt, houndstooth heels, and clothing considerations

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Every once in a while, an outfit gets stuck in my head, and won’t leave me alone until I try it on. This was one such outfit. Today is round two of an impromptu four part series in making modern garments look vintage, but I think in this case, I failed. I received this skirt from Tobi, and it is really pretty. It has a structured kind of fabric, a gorgeous graphic dahlia print, pockets, and a sturdy waistline. It was by far my favorite thing in the lovely package that I got from them… until I put it on. And it was just off. A few inches too short, a few inches looser in the waist and tighter around my belly than I would like.

But a little tweaking made the waist fit better, and now I’m at a crossroads. The Dahlia Skirt |

I like this skirt a lot. I think it’s so very cute, and the shape is flattering. But does it hold up to the vintage direction of my style, or does it just barely miss the mark? And do I keep it for those rare occasions when I want to dress a bit more modern, or do I purge it from my wardrobe along with the seemingly hundreds of other things I’ve gotten rid of lately?

The Dahlia Skirt | I will likely style it a few other ways before I decide. While I have purged the majority of my closet, weeding out items that really aren’t the direction my style wants to go, I still have a few things that are modern for practicality’s sake, or that I just love regardless of the era they look. My vintage 80’s sweater collection is one collection I’ll never purge. My 1970’s floral maxi dress, that I wore while pregnant several times, is another. And this skirt… well, we will see!

The more committed I become to true vintage style, the more consideration I take as to what I allow to stay in my closet. The Dahlia Skirt |

For now, the only thing that throws me off is the length. I much prefer skirts that hit just below my knee, and this one sits just above. I can find no other faults!The Dahlia Skirt | eyreeffect.comThe Dahlia Skirt |

How do you cultivate your closet to suit your style? Do you keep items that you may not wear often just because they’re too cute to let go?

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