Crop top, headscarf, and novelty print car skirt



Every once in a while, I feel as though I get extra lucky while thrifting. A dress whose shape and pattern is one I’ve had on my thrifting DISO (desperately in search of) list; shoes that were made perfectly to fit my feet; a mug that encompasses one of my favorite things. This car print fabric was one such lucky find. I saw it hanging on a musty rack surrounded by worn out cotton sheets and outdated flannels and I grabbed it without even checking its yardage.

I envisioned a dress or a skirt, a cute post shot around one of our local vintage car shows, but I am sloth-like in my moves to finish projects, and by the time I finally discovered I had enough to make this skirt, the car shows were over and my opportunity was gone. Still, I have worn it a few times and this last bit of my fun impromptu series featuring Tobi garments brought up the perfect way to wear it for the

I don’t often go full pinup. While I love the whole look of bloggers who regularly do pinup, I don’t feel like that’s quite me. I’m more vintage housewife than pinup belle. But this top just screamed pinup to me, and with the car skirt it has just enough quirk that it’s still me.  cars-22collage-2

Something I have been looking for more and more lately is longer crop tops. With my proportions, tops often fit too loose in the bust if they fit over my hips, or are too tight over my hips when they fit my bust; a crop top takes care of that perfectly! Since I wear high waisted skirts anyway, nobody is the wiser and I’m saved the trouble of having to constantly tug my shirts down or deal with awkward wrinkles from a wonky fit.  cars-29picmonkey-collage

What are some of the things you do to create smoother fit in your looks? Slips and crop tops are my two secret weapons!

Top, c/o Tobi | skirt, self-made from thrifted fabric | heels, thrifted | headscarf and necklace, vintagecars-24






  • SaraLily

    I do love you in full pinup mode, but you definitely ROCK the vintage look. It’s OK – there are no rules and you can be both whenever you feel like it! I love the shape of this crop top on you – it’s just barely off the shoulder in the perfect way and the draping on the neckline is fantastic. Perfect for this fun skirt!!

  • Hannah Rupp

    What a smart reason to wear crop tops! I just wear them mainly because I have a long torso and everything becomes a crop top whether it’s meant to be or not. lol

    I love this look on you, AND watching your style evolve into this vintage housewife. Your aesthetic is getting so strong!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater