Magical Ribbons: Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, and the Rose Bush


Magical Ribbons

Last month, one of my friends internet-introduced me to Hayley, who creates the most darling flower crowns, hair bows, and bow ties that are Disney themed. After we chatted about what I might do with them, Hayley made us Alice in Wonderland themed items: Evie with a Cheshire Cat inspired hairbow, Asa with a Mad Hatter bow tie, and me with a Painting The Roses Red headband. I desperately wanted to feature them before Halloween and do a much more elaborate post, but as life would have it, everyone got sick and then it rained for two or three weeks almost straight through.

So today, finally I get to share these incredibly fun things with you, and some Wonderland-inspired outfits. magical-ribbons-2magical-ribbons-5

The Cheshire Cat Bow

Evie has always been nicknamed “kitty baby” by us, so it seemed only fitting that she would be the Cheshire Cat!   I actually found her shirt this week at Goodwill, and was excited to see that it matched the bow perfectly. Its cute little “LOL are you kitten me?” pun has me giggling every time. Her skirt, I had my mom make from tulle I found (also at Goodwill), and her shoes were an impulse buy from Target. magical-ribbons-3collage-2 And even though she’s only 14 months old, she loves the hairbow as much as I do! She constantly finds it and brings it to me, holding it out with a cute little grunt and “asking” me to put it in her hair. Originally, I was going to attach it to a stretchy hairband. But she has just enough hair these days to clip bows into, which makes me happy!


The Mad Hatter Bow Tie

For Asa, I had a bit of a harder time figuring out what to put him in. I LOVE the colors Hayley chose for this bow tie, but all of his cute dress clothes are getting too small for him! These clothes he is in may or may not be 24m and 2T. I am hoping nobody notices just how short those sleeves are on him. Haha!

The Mad Hatter was a perfect character for Asa, as he is constantly grabbing and wearing this particular hat. For some reason, out of all of the hats we’ve ever put him in, this one stuck. He wears his bowler everywhere, and gets quite miffed when Evie steals it. In the Wonderland world, he would most definitely be a hat-obsessed and slightly zany character.


The only way I was able to coax him to sit still or pose for photos was to play “the monster’s coming!” He is obsessed with running away from monsters, and tried to find new places behind trees or under bushes to hide the entire time I shot. He only sat in his chair because I offered him a sucker in return. Ha! magical-ribbons-22collage-4

Painting The Roses Red Flower Crown

For myself, I’ve done the Red Queen before and while this look was still very inspired by her with the doll-like makeup, I wanted to match the roses on my skirt. So Hayley made me this beautiful flower crown with half-painted roses and the cutest heart-lace trimmed mouse ears!

I really love how it turned out, and really want to wear it to a party. Mouse ears are totally appropriate for holidays, right? Sure they are! This flower headband is so sturdy and comfortable to wear. Hayley took care to add felt on the underside to soften any spots where flowers or wires were attached, and I really could wear it all day!

magical-ribbons-24 For some reason, I felt like the life-incarnation of the rosebush should be very doll-like, so to amp up the doll effect I wore my ever-faithful Orchard Corsets corset, which is forming to my body better and better every time I wear it. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until later that it had come untied during these pictures. But I love how this whole look turned out even then!

Someday I would love to do an even more elaborate costume for each of us, when Evie is old enough for me to paint her face and when Asa gets a bit more patient for photographs. I think it would be so fun to actually transform into a rosebush, and wear this crown, and have a few cards made into little men holding paintbrushes that hang from my roses. The vision is strong.

For now, though, I love how everything turned out!


Be sure to visit Magical Ribbons online, and go follow her on Facebook and Instagram! She has so many incredible bows and crowns, and is constantly amazing me with what she makes!magical-ribbons-26

On me: Flower crown c/o Magical Ribbons | skirt, top (Dress), and heels, thrifted | corset c/o Orchard Corset
On Evie: hair bow c/o Magical Ribbons | shirt, thrifted | skirt, handmade from thrifted fabric | tights, c/o Schoola | shoes, Target
On Asa: bow-tie c/o Magical Ribbons | shirt and pants, hand-me-down | vest, handmade | hat, gift | shoes, thrifted







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  • SaraLily

    I love the posts that feature Asa and Evie! Hearing how challenging it was taking Asa’s photo brought me back to my photo studio days. Oh toddlers. It’s not easy!! Still, these came out awesome and they kiddos look great!

    And then there’s you, you beautiful creature! I love it!!