Home, by Kristina

I know it’s been very quiet around here this week; I was so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed for five days straight, and then a small snag earlier meant the one post I had to go live this week has been delayed to next week.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, though, you will have seen this announcement. A few months ago (nine or ten, actually) my friend Sarah and I started a mom blog. Through some weird happenstance that blog got obliterated into nothingness by WordPress. We never did recover it and ended up giving up the idea. However, lately I’ve realized I have quit documenting my kids. I miss having photos of them every day, to see how they have changed and what we’ve been up to, and what they do in their little daily lives. It’s funny to say, but I have a bad memory day-to-day, and without photos sometimes I forget the most precious tiny details. So I challenged myself to photograph them every day, and have subsequently created a blog to share those photos along with anecdotes of motherhood.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long while and you who have been around here long enough will know I always struggled blending my fashion side with my mom side on the internet. This, I think is the perfect solution. And it’s good practice for me, as eventually I want to offer lifestyle sessions for other moms who want to capture the little everyday moments in their childrens’ lives.

So if you’re interested in the motherhood side of things, or just want to keep up with how my kids are growing, you can read Home, by Kristina, or follow me on instagram @homebykristina. Sometimes, I may just share daily photos. Sometimes, I may talk about the big joys or the hardships of motherhood. Overall, I hope to document the beautiful little moments of my home.

And I’ll be back here next week with a regular fashion post!