Star Wars skirt, rockabilly style, and a Moonstone Magic ring

Looking to the Star(War)s

Well hello! I’m back… sort of! After last weekend’s five day bout of sickness — I was so sick that I missed our entire vacation and couldn’t get out of bed even after we got back — and then the bolt to the connector of our tripod has been misplaced, and now I’m sick again. So who knows if there will be another post this week; it may come late, like this one! But, if you want little daily updates of life, you can always check over at Home, by Kristina where I divulge mostly motherhood and daily life stuff along with photos of my kids. And let’s get on to the outfit!

Ever since I remade myself a Star Wars skirt (on the morning we went to see Rogue One, of course!) I have been searching for the perfect way to wear it. My last attempt at styling the first Star Wars skirt I made — which ended up being too short for my preferences — was very casual and modern. This attempt is, I think, much more in line with my current style though it’s more on the Rockabilly side than true vintage.

I was excited to thrift this sweater and these boots before we went to Leavenworth. Of course, at the time I thought I would be wearing them both to keep me warm and dry, but I ended up abed all weekend long so that proved to be a wrong assumption. But styling them with this skirt just felt right. I’ve been searching for a cardigan similar to this for quite some time; Miss Victory Violet often wears similar ones, and I love the coziness it adds to a look!

Moonstone Magic

But what I really want to talk about is this ring! A little while ago, a company called Moonstone Magic contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their jewelry. They stock beautiful pieces made out of moonstone — a stone that looks a bit like the moon’s reflection on still water — and I was excited to choose a delicate ring that I could wear every day. The idea of something that looks a bit like the moon or the stars really appealed to me.

When it arrived, it was every bit as pretty as I had expected, and a perfectly delicate balance to my wedding ring. I’ve been looking for a ring just like this for a while, as I love jewelry but prefer pieces that are understated and elfin-looking.

Unfortunately, after about a week of daily wear, one of the stones went missing. I probably should have chosen a flatter ring, as I do a lot with my hands, but I am disappointed that this one was not more durable. I contacted the company about it but haven’t yet heard back whether this might be a defect or whether this style is just more delicate than others.

While I really loved the ring, I would have expected that a $30 ring (though it’s on sale now!) would be a bit more durable and able to handle my daily activities!

All in all, if I were gifted another ring I wouldn’t complain! And I really did enjoy how it looked and felt while wearing it. Perhaps somehow I can get the stone replaced and make it wearable again. It’s worth looking into, for the style of the ring and its delicate beauty. If you want to read more about moonstone, head over to the Moonstone Blog for lots of pretty pictures and ideas!

On the Bright Side

Though I’ve been sick basically two weekends in a row and out of commission for about two weeks total now, it has given me a lot of time to work on other things! As I mentioned before, I’ve started a 365 photo challenge for myself to document my kids daily, and began the blog Home, by Kristina because of it. Eventually I would love to expand this challenge into an offering for others who want to capture their memories in a lifestyle type way, but for now I am enjoying finding new ways to encapsulate our daily lives through photography.

And, because I’ve been making myself rest a lot, the time off my feet means I’ve been writing again. I hesitate to say I’m back on track, because every time I mention that I’ve caught the writing bug again, something happens and I lose it. But it’s still a goal of mine to finish writing a novel (any novel!) by the end of this year, and I have a few in the works that may be “the one.”

I’m hoping to get into a habit of writing daily, and writing even when I’m not feeling particularly inspired. I have heard many times from published authors that most of the hard work is writing even when you don’t “feel” like it, because the more regularly you write, the more your inspiration will hit. So I’ve been reading novels that I want to read, novels that inspire me, and I’ve been writing every little notation and idea that comes to me. I even downloaded Google Documents onto my phone so that I can type out scenes and tidbits directly into the stories I’m currently working on!

Thank you to everyone who has expressed support as I battle being sick! I’m hoping to be back on schedule by next week, especially because I have a few collaborations to share yet! One of which is a gorgeous eShakti dress, and the other of which is a beautiful little shawl from Wardrobe Shop. Happy Tuesday!

Skirt, self-made | top, boots, belt, and cardigan, thrifted | ring, c/o Moonstone Magic | headscarf and earrings and brooch, vintage