eShakti Dress, vintage hair, and Elizabeth Taylor vibes

The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams |

The Dress of Dreams

I had big plans for this dress. It is so glamorous, so romantic, and so glorious, I had hoped to take photos in a winter wonderland, emulating the 1950’s with my husband in a romantic photoshoot while we were on vacation. I had everything packed and planned, down to the coordinating bow-tie my husband was going to wear. And then… I got sick. So sick I spent the entire four days of vacation in bed, and all plans of photoshoots in the snow were very concretely abandoned.

At first, I was so disappointed. I wanted to create a fairytale with this dress! It is a princess kind of dress with its embroidery and color, very Anna-meets-Belle, and it evokes the glamor of 1950’s Hollywood to me. The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams |

But then today as I prepared and shot the outfit, I realized that perhaps it’s a good thing I was delayed. For one, I now have a corset which works much better with this silhouette than my other corset (review coming next week!). For another, I wouldn’t have had the idea to emulate Elizabeth Taylor in my hair and makeup, and I think that really makes this look come to life! And lastly, I wasn’t freezing my toes off in the snow. Which is always a plus!

The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams |

Just imagine if I had violet eyes. I really want to do a series on YouTube where I recreate vintage beauty icons, especially after today! Hopefully I can kickstart my channel soon; I know I have been talking about it a lot, but life has a way of moving way faster than I expect! I’ll jump in really soon with sewing and makeup, I promise! The Dress of Dreams |

Back to the dress, though! Last year, eShakti had contacted me about collaboration and of course I said yes! I brought up the idea of possibly doing a lookbook with them, and got a green light, so sent over a few items that I thought would make a really cute Christmas lookbook. However, after some of the messages got lost in the Holiday jumble, they ended up only being able to send me the Deer dress, and this dress. So the lookbook may never come about, but after wearing this gorgeous thing I’m okay with it! I still want to create a lookbook, and have a few dresses I’m keeping my eye on to purchase in the future and create something special. The Dress of Dreams |

Everything about this dress is perfect. The fit is phenomenal — I utilized their custom fit feature, as always — the zipper doesn’t stick like it can with thicker fabrics, the fullness, even without a petticoat, is fairly great, the bra strap stays are so useful, the length is ideal… I’m so in love. Usually with any sponsorships or collaborations, I try to be as critical as I can to give a fair and unbiased review… but there is literally nothing wrong with this dress. I have zero complaints!The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams |

Beauty and the Beast

And a few people have mentioned that I really need to wear it to the opening of Beauty and the Beast, so now I am torn! I cannot decide whether this or my Belle dress would be a better choice. Which means, of course, I’ll just have to go see it twice!

Is anyone else extremely excited for this remake? I cry every time I watch the preview, and I’m not exaggerating that. It hits me RIGHT in the childhood. It IS my childhood. I am tearing up just thinking about it right now, which is ridiculous and perfectly expresses just how much I adore Beauty and the Beast. I was so afraid at first that the casting might have been off, but having watched the latest preview I’m no longer skeptical. I think they chose extremely well.   The Dress of Dreams |

I plan to go see it with my mom, as I only recently found out that it’s her favorite fairytale as well, and then with my husband since he really likes these remakes. Ugh. I can’t even express how excited I am!The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams |

Are you planning to see Beauty and the Beast? And what do you think about this gorgeous dress? More importantly, which dress should I wear the first time I see the aforementioned remake? Because that is a momentous occasion.

Dress, c/o eShakti (On sale and available in maroon and black!)| corset, c/o Orchard Corset | shoes and belt, thrifted | necklace, old | earrings, vintage | fur stole, vintage | petticoat, Amazon






  • Elizabeth

    You look so fabulous in this! Your hair, makeup, everything matches perfectly. I’m intrigued about how this would have looked in the snow, because you look positively like a woodland nymph in this shoot, in the most glamorous way! I really need to get something from eshakti, because their quality is stunning!

  • Modern Vintage

    What a stunning dress, I am not sure it would work on me but it looks perfect on you. – the shape, the colours, everything! And fabulous with the stole. The photo of you with the light coming in from the side is just sensational – a real starlet. Don’t think about a different eye colour: Yours work amazingly in this look. Kx

  • Hannah Rupp

    Elizabeth Taylor, is that you? 😉

    This dress is so, so special. It’s much too pretty to be worn to sit in a dark theater! I think you should wear the Belle dress for the premier. But that’s just my thoughts! Either one would make you the talk of the town, for sure.

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  • Helene

    Oh my goodness you look like such a goddess. As much as it must have been miserable to be sick for four days (I’m glad you’re feeling better), perhaps it was for the best. This photoshoot is perfect for this dress. The embroidery is stunning and the color looks incredible on you. You are just too pretty!

    I’m DYING to see the new Beauty and the Beast film. My boyfriend always calls me his Belle (as she’s one of my favorite princesses) and refers to himself as the Beast. Everytime we watch that trailer we get goosebumps. You simply MUST wear that dress to the premiere. It’s so perfect!

    xo, Helene

  • Angela Foltz-Lamphere

    I ordered this dress from Eshakti purely because of your picture in it on their site. I altered it a little for my style, but you rocked the dress! Love it!