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Birds of a Feather

I almost didn’t post these photos today. This morning I was thinking that, since it’s the first day of spring, I would put on a floral dress in spring colors and be a vintage spring vision. But this sweater called my name. And then as I was taking photos and reviewing them in my camera, I started to feel extremely insecure about the silhouette. I rarely wear fitted silhouettes or waistlines that are lower than my natural waist, and what looked awesome in a mirror seemed to look a bit clunky and odd on camera.

I started to feel bad about my figure and my clothing choice, and the sun left, and it threatened rain, and I figured today’s photoshoot would just be a bust.Birds of a Feather |

But then as I opened up the images in Lightroom and began to edit, I gave myself a pep talk. I noted how cute the sweater looks, and that I like my makeup, and my tiny waist, and by the time editing was done I was feeling good about it all again so here we are! Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of looking at yourself and saying “you ARE a cute human shut up brain pointing out the burger-baby-belly.”

Birds of a Feather |

Lately I have been thinking about how I used to post outfits five times a week, and that I really miss that habit. While I certainly have more things to think about now than I did when I was posting every day, I still think that it’s doable if I lessen my expectations for each post. Is daily style something you all would be interested in, given that I may only post one or two shots of daily outfits (and longer posts from weekend photoshoots) along with minimal text? Or do you prefer the longer posts and more photos?Birds of a Feather |

As silly as it sounds, blogging is what helps me get “dressed up” most days. If I’m not blogging, I’m in yoga pants, and I really want to break out of that habit. It’s not hard to wear a skirt or dress daily, and I don’t own much that can’t be easily washed. But if I don’t have to take photos, sometimes I forget that getting dressed like this is a form of my personal self care, and I just don’t bother.

So, would you all be interested in shorter, quick daily-outfit-snap posts mixed in with my longer more “professional” photoshoots? If so, I may start trying to do that again! I need to have less expectations of what I “have” to do blogging. I often get hung up on not having the right detail shots, or not being in a fancy location, or not getting enough full body shots for a post, and that’s just silly! Blogging has always been a fun way to share my style, so whether or not I have all the shots I’m “supposed” to have, I would love to post more. Birds of a Feather | eyreeffect.comBirds of a Feather |

This post is a good example of a photoshoot that didn’t get every shot I usually take; I didn’t photograph ANY detail shots in my frustration. Cropping is all I have for details today!

Please let me know if daily style snapshot posts interest you!

Vintage parrot sweater bought online | vintage headscarf and earrings, gift | bracelets and vintage sweater skirt, thrifted | shoes, Chelsea Crew (here)Birds of a Feather |

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  • CiCi Marie

    Darn right your waist looks good! This is a really cute outfit that I suspect is quite comfy, which I’m all about. I hear you about only really getting dressed up for blogging, but I think it’s because it takes so much effort to do the full works for a photoshoot. That’s not sustainable every day for me but I really enjoy having the reason to do it!

    I think the issue of more spontaneous daily posts vs longer editorial styles is a really tough one. Personally, I prefer the longer editorial style posts because there’s usually more to read and some beautiful and carefully crafted pictures to enjoy. On the flip side, I love seeing more spontaneous outfit posts on Instagram because it’s something I can look at quickly in one place. And on a practical note my Bloglovin account would become unbearable to keep up with if everyone started posting daily! But I’m quite aware this is my preference and others could totally disagree with me. Something I’ve seen others do is collect daily outfit posts into a round-up at the end of the week and that’s quite fun – might be an option for you?

    Hope that helps, but feel free to ignore me if it doesn’t!

  • Nan

    More frequent posts would be nice. I remember reading somewhere that a new kind of social anxiety has emerged because of social media like Instagram and Facebook. The idea was that no one posts imperfect or mundane pictures because they curate their profiles and pictures. This leads to the idea that everyone is living a happy life with no issues or hiccups…And in turn puts the pressure on observers to make their lives equally perfect. I don’t think you do this at all, as you talk about the ups and downs of motherhood and life in general, but daily pictures may be a way to bolster that type of ‘mundane’ content.


  • Aurè

    hello there…what a fabolous look!…this outfit really make shine your gorgeous Silhouette!…well quick daily-outfit would be nice…but…an outfit that is a work of Art is hard to create daily…
    happy & stylish Spring!

  • Tialla Rising

    I would love the daily shots! I always think it’s fun to see someone else’s life on a daily basis, in a totally non-creepy way, haha. I think you should go for it, especially if it helps motivate your self-care and all that! <3

  • Jessica

    I love daily outfit posts! It would be a shame for those to replace posts that have text, because you usually have something interesting to say – but if you’re going for as well rather than instead, I’d say go for it! And CiCi Marie’s suggestion of doing a weekly outfit roundup post sounds like a great way of making it easier for you, too, if it’s hard some days to create a post in addition to snapping a picture or two.