Strawberry Fields Forever (ft Sara from In A Nutshell Blog)

This past weekend, guess who came to visit? Obviously you can see by the photo: my best blogger friend Sara, cohost of the BBRBF Book Club! A month or two ago, she texted me that she might be in Seattle for work, and I immediately got excited. When we met up last year it was as if we were already old friends, and I had been dying to meet up again. Lucky for me, she travels a lot for work! This time she was able to stay over for a weekend, crashing on our couch (or pull out bed), playing with Asa (who is totally obsessed with her and now asks for her every day), and going on blogging adventures with me! It was the best weekend and I’m crossing my fingers that she gets to travel this way again soon.

For our first post together, we originally planned to style our twin Strawberry skirts. Hers is from Tatyana, mine is from Amazon. But when the day came and I tried on the outfit I’d put together, it just didn’t work for me. Luckily I have this 1940’s strawberry apron that I intend to make into an actual dress (it closes all the way in the back anyway!), and I love how we look together!  

There were a lot of bloopers during our photoshoots, which made it all the better. I am not good at stopping my giggles, and Sara is very good at making remarks that crack me up.

What was even more fun, we got to go see Beauty and the Beast together with my mom, and Sara’s wit and giggles kept me from bawling my eyes out. While she enjoys Disney and Beauty and the Beast, she’s not quite the hardcore fan like I am. I teared up several times (and likely will cry this weekend when I go to see it with my husband) but didn’t full out cry the first time around. I am not obsessed with Disney princesses other than just liking the old Disney films in general, but Beauty and the Beast is one story I’ve always been in love with.

I wrote my own version of the fairytale in my teen years, played Tale as old as Time on the piano at four years old (shortly after having watched the movie for the first time), and scouted out every version of the movie I could find (including the 80’s TV show.)

I had so much dread when I heard they were making a live action version. I wasn’t sure whether they’d cast the right people, make the dress perfect, do a big enough library, a grand enough musical… I was so afraid it would be ruined!

But everything about it was perfect. Perhaps my one nitpick, and this is fairly small, is the autotune used on Emma Watson’s voice. I wish they would have had her lip sync to someone with a stronger voice rather than autotune the voice she does have. But I liked her overall, so I’m not too annoyed by it. Everyone else was absolutely perfect in casting; Luke Evans was an even better Gaston than I could have imagined, Dan Stevens rose above my expectations to play the perfect Beast (and that reveal at the end!!!), and Josh Gad was a great LeFou. There was not one miscast person, in my opinion!

I had planned to wear a dress from Amazon that mimics the iconic yellow dress, but when it came time to wear it, I discovered the dress doesn’t quite fit right! So I ended up just wearing a vintage dress I’d gotten that week that I was eager to wear, and my Disney Beauty and the Beast pin instead. Not every outing can be a perfectly matched theme, I guess! 

Hopefully come Saturday I will have figured out some sort of Belle inspired outfit, though, because I dearly want to see the movie dressed like my favorite Princess. Though it won’t be quite as special because Sara won’t be with us. 😉

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? What did you think?