Thrifted skirt, book pins, and taking a step back

A Season of Gray

Lately, I have not been feeling myself. I don’t know if it’s the season (this muddy spring weather is not my favorite), the time of life (having two kids under three can be exhausting), or the weight gain (after Evie, I kept all of the baby weight and gained five more pounds), but these last few months my blog is taking the brunt of whatever this is.

I photographed this post a full two months ago, and I have seven other posts that haven’t even seen the light of day yet! It’s been all I can do lately to drum up one blog post a week, as much as I want to get them posted, as much as I love photographing and getting dressed… something is just off.

But, as always, I’ll push through! Perhaps I need to get those 7 other posts scheduled and take a month off blogging. Perhaps it’s just a season of not loving the weather. I suspect it likely has to do with that last reason, though, and not feeling comfortable with the body I’m currently in. A 50lb weight gain in 4 years is a lot to adjust to, especially when most of the weight came on in half that time.

This also seems to be the season of a few odd and off-putting interactions online, and while I always try to take what people say with a grain of salt and understanding, lately it’s been hard. It’s been hard to separate the things that really matter from the things that are inconsequential.

I am a people-pleaser. I want people to like me. But as an introvert, it’s also an exhausting thing. Being openly disliked, being criticized, having to make decisions about who I should let be part of my life and when it’s okay to step back from friendships. I love the online community and all of the opportunities this blog has afforded me, but at the end of last year it came to a point where I felt so much pressure to perform well, and was being barraged with some highly negative things, and I felt a bit burned out. Even now, four or five months after the worst of it, little things still pop up.

I am the type of person to curl up in a ball and hide myself away until things pass, and as an adult… I can’t do that.

I know I normally keep this blog fairly light and happy, but today, it’s hard. The last week has been extremely taxing in so many ways, and I just need a break. So, hopefully with a little more work, I’ll be able to get the next 4 weeks scheduled out, and just relax for a bit.

We Love Colors Part Deux

On that note, I have to mention these tights!

This second pair of We Love Colors tights is my favorite over the other one. As I had mentioned about two months ago, they sent me one from regular sizing, and one pair from the plus size section. As a big-hipped and thick-thighed person, these, which are plus size, fit so much better. They pull up to my chest (over my chest, if I try hard enough, ha!) and don’t ride down at ALL. It’s pretty hard to find tights that don’t ride this way and that, and I’m impressed by this pair! Plus, they’re super soft and comfortable, and the color is true to what is shown online.  

And I also have to mention this AMAZING bag, which a friend of mine sent me! It has been the perfect replacement for my old purse, which fell apart after a few uses. It is so soft and well made, and has the cutest front. I can’t believe she sent it my way! It’s just perfect.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be working hard to get all seven posts scheduled and ready so that there is no down-time while I’m on a break.

Thank you, always, for reading and commenting and hanging out on this space of mine. I hope that I can get back to feeling myself, and blogging a bit more regularly! I miss it dearly.

PS Today the BBRBF Book Club gals are reviewing Caraval, which I didn’t get in time. Don’t forget to check Sara, Laci, Noelle, Kat, Justyna, and Helene for their reviews.

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  • Mom

    I’m glad you can see you need a break. I am also glad you are going to do it to get yourself well and feeling better. When I had small kids, I just needed to give myself a break sometimes and I felt so much better after taking some time off! Love you!