Mixing polka-dots, Lotty Dotty Vintage, and Ariel flats

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Seeing Double

As the weather changes, I have noticed my wardrobe preferences changing too. Throughout the colder months, I gravitate towards dresses; one-piece items that I can throw on over tights, under a coat, with a cardigan. Easy outfits, that don’t require a lot of thought to stay warm and look fashionable.

And then warm weather comes, and I start to want to wear my skirts and tops again. I itch for sleeveless, for open necklines, for flowing skirts. When I got this polka dot top from Lotty Dotty Vintage, it was a no-brainer to pair it with one of my favorite skirts (polka dots and pleats, what’s not to love?).

Seeing Double |

This outfit feels like the epitome of summer, to me. Its navy, red, and white color scheme pays homage to the nautical, the polka dots are playful, the fabrics are light, and it’s perfect for warmer days spent playing in the sun. On this particular day, I had intended to wear my favorite wedge sandals, but to my dismay they broke as I started to take photos. So, my newly-purchased Ariel flats were a perfect stand in.

Of course, since we were at my parents’ house, I spent a lot of that time without shoes entirely. There’s something in me that cannot wear shoes when it’s warm, when there’s fresh grass to cushion my steps, when the air is humming with whispers of summer and the foliage is so green it’s dreamy.

Seeing Double | eyreeffect.comSeeing Double | eyreeffect.comIn the country is where I am happiest.

I love to be surrounded by farm life. Someday, I hope we find a house in the country, where we can plant a big garden, have chickens and cats and dogs (and maybe goats), and let our kids run free in the tall grass and shaded woodlands. I think that Washington’s coast has some of the prettiest farmland around. Nestled away in the foothills of the mountains, we are close to water that adds a lushness to the countryside, with snowy peaks of mountaintops visible in the skyline and trees lining the wild fields of flowers.   Seeing Double |

Give me country over cities any day, and I’ll be happy forever!

Seeing Double | Seeing Double |

Top and earrings, Lotty Dotty Vintage | skirt, vintage/thrifted | shoes, Torrid (via BST group) | Belt, from SaraSeeing Double |




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