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Jane Steele-1Jane Steele-16 These past few weeks, my whole family has been sick. It started with a seemingly light cold, but especially in my two girls has developed into a gross cough and the baby has just been a waterfall of drool and snot. So, understandably, I haven’t been posting! I did wear a few cute outfits, and took photos, but sitting to write is always the part that takes me the longest, and in the fog of being sick and going to my aunt’s memorial and nursing three kids back to a semblance of health, blogging took a back seat. I’ve said this year I’d like to be more intentional with blogging, and sometimes that means letting it simmer while I get life done.

But I thought I’d come in today with a quick little update on what I’m reading! I haven’t done a book review in AGES, and this won’t exactly be a review since I haven’t finished reading it yet, but perhaps if you’re into gothic-era Victorian fiction spinoffs with a dark twist, you can read along and let me know what you think when you’re done!

I thought that Jane Steele was a spinoff of Jane Eyre wherein Jane is a detective, but I was gravely mistaken. Jane Steele parallels Eyre in many ways, but the similarities are a facade. Steele is, in fact, quite wicked!

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Or rather, she thinks of herself as being wicked. Since I didn’t know myself what twists and turns the book would take on, I won’t give them away here, either. But suffice it to say, if you like dark twists on old classics, you’ll love Jane Steele! I am eager to devour the rest of the book and discover what befalls the heroine (or is she a villainess?) and I haven’t been this excited to finish reading a book in ages.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite reads right now?

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(Also, if you know what fandom this coffee mug is referencing, I love you.)

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