Under The Sea

A few weeks ago, my best friend and I decided to dress as a Disney Princess and the Villain, with a vintage twist. I think her outfit came out vastly more interesting than mine,  but I was so happy with both looks and we had the BEST time pretending to be 1940’s Ariel and 1950’s Ursula. She played the part brilliantly.

For Ariel, I chose a light lavender dress (which is for sale here!) layered under my green Bernie Dexter suspender skirt. I think the shape of this skirt very subtly mimics the shape of a mermaid fin without being all-out mermaid. A somewhat broken shell necklace became my headband, and a fish brooch paid homage to Flounder, and I was set! I can’t decide if this outfit reads more 1940’s or 1970’s, but I loved it either way.

For a 50’s take on Ursula, Ashton chose the most fabulous black dress (that I thrifted, funny enough), purple tights, purple gloves (of course!) and the key accessory, Ursula’s shell necklace. We collaborated on hair and makeup, and I wish you could tell that Ashton contoured with purple. It looked amazing in person!

While I’m not particularly Disney obsessed, I really want to do a series now on the princess and the villain. So keep an eye out for more, because Ashton and I may very well just create more villain-princess outfits to go with every fairytale we can think of!