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Simplicity and pregnancy myths


And the dark hair is back! Let me just put one thing straight right now: yes, it is completely safe to dye your hair while pregnant. I’m surprised by how many people have asked or straight out condemned me for doing it, but I suppose it’s just one of those things that people never bother to look up first! And I definitely did. Bleaching your hair is warned against, though there are no signs that it’s ever harmed a baby, but ammonia-free dye to a darker color is perfectly fine.

Thankfully, because I love having darker hair in the fall, and I would have been stuck with a bad hair situation a long time ago if it hadn’t been safe. Like when I had inch-long roots because I’d gone blonde before I knew I was pregnant.4

So I have finally gotten to the point where nothing fits. These pants only barely work with the old hair-elastic jimmy-rig, but this morning (or like.. noon) when I tried to get dressed, nothing worked. Or rather, everything that does fit is black. Basically.

I guess at 23 weeks, it’s finally time to give in and get real maternity clothes. I at least need a pair of jeans, a few good shirts, and one or two more dresses to get me through!


I’ve been vastly veering towards simplicity the more into fall we get; it’s really an odd change for me, because I suddenly want to wear lots of neutrals, not too much pattern, and simple accessories. Stripes and black/brown seem to be really attracting me now. And orange, though. So maybe it’s just that I really want to dress like fall.

6 I feel like that’s all I talk about now. Oops.

Life has been pretty quiet lately; my daily routine is to get up, have breakfast and coffee (one cup a day, also safe during pregnancy), work for 1-1/2 to 2 hours, clean up around the house, work another shift, blog, work whatever time I have left, and cook dinner. It’s a simple life, but I like it. I’m not really one of those people who needs to be doing something all the time, and I never have been. I love being home, being a housewife, decorating, taking care of the husband… I was born wanting to do this.

9 10 13 I also occasionally write — yes, I am finally getting back into it, albeit very slowly — and just recently rearranged the downstairs, and I really want to go to a pumpkin patch and start baking fall dishes, but I’m content! I am starting to feel more and more like a mother, in a way… and I waddle now.

This Sunday we’re going to have a very small Hobbit party, it being Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday. So far, we have only planned to roast a chicken, make seedcake, and watch The Hobbit. And we can only invite like… two people, because we don’t have much seating. But it should be fun anyway!

We’re such nerds.


 Pearl Engraved Deer Earrings and Cute Little Fox Anima ring c/o Oasap | Jeans, Target | Boots, shirt, and belt, Thrifted

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! I’m so happy for the weekend!



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  • Jamie Rose

    Man, what is with people? You can do whatever you want while you’re pregnant. It’s your choice! My thought is you’re probably in contact with plenty more toxins and whatnot just in everyday life than that hour or so hair dye is on your head. I sure know I won’t stop dying my hair if I got pregnant. That’s all a pregnant girl needs is to feel crappy about her hair while her body is going through all those changes. Your hair looks great in this new color! Your whole outfit is cute and casual!

  • Salazar

    I’m sure you’ve done your homework on this and would never do anything harmful to the baby, and the dark hair suits you much better anyway. And I love the outfit. Probably because I can’t wait to bring out the boots myself.

  • Heather-Joan Carls

    I love the new color. It does suit you.
    BTW, that ring you were wearing, I just purchased the same exact one in that same color in bronze on Ebay as well. 🙂