• Writing

    Aphotic Pulchritude

    Being a writer, there isn’t a creative spurt that goes by where I do not stop to search for synonyms when one form of a word just doesn’t seem like enough to me, or when I have to use that word more than once every few paragraphs  and need more forms  of it  to make it less repetitive. And more often than not, I find that there are so many more interesting synonyms for everyday words than I thought there were. Today, I wanted to share the less-used synonyms of words that pertain to the chapter I’m currently writing. I’ve searched for all of these today, and I absolutely love the synonyms! They’re…

  • Fashion


    I love fall. It is made for dancing outdoors in impractical shoes while throwing leaves at the camera. 😀 And for wearing colorful tights.

  • Makeup and Beauty

    Suffice it to Say I Have Too Much Time on My Hands.

    I’ve been on a makeup craze lately, if you couldn’t tell. So I was going to do a fairy today,but then realized that I don’t have very much green eyeshadow… and then found some gold glitter…and… well… this is what happened: Yeah. I have a lot of free time. I could very happily live in this makeup. Well, except for maybe the lips. The lips are just uncomfortable. And sorta crunchy. And they make it difficult to eat, which is the more important part. And I’ve just inhaled some glitter. But the rest of it? Yeah. I could live in it. I don’t even mind not having eyebrows.  

  • Life

    Seeewwwww Loneleeeee

    Excuse the random lolspeak title. I’m in a weird(a.k.a. normal) mood today. (Warning: this post is full of many random subject changes due to my mind having no sure direction and more than one thought at a time this morning.) The muse has returned! Grandma came home last night (she ran away. (went on vacation) ), and just as I had suspected, my lack of inspiration to write was directly related to living alone. I am not a live-alone person. At all. As I think I said in a post earlier this week. I get depressed, uninspired, subdued, and don’t feel like eating. Totally  not me at ALL. I’m generally…