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    a (late) wrap up.

    I know, I know.I’ve already blogged three times today. But I didn’t realize that I was going to blog so much, and I keep forgetting to do this. I meant to do it at the end of February. I want to start taking the best outfits of each month (as voted by you) and putting them to an overall vote. Sound good? Yeah? No? Well. Even if it doesn’t, I’m doing it. So there. 😉 Lots of ties, which means… more than four outfits to vote on. Here they are, in order of date: And… go! My personal favorite… oooh… I can’t decide between the animal print skirt and h…

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    I’m still absolutely exhausted from yesterday’s wedding. I don’t have a favorite Bible reading from this week… and I’m still thinking out the schedule of the blog. Mondays and Tuesdays are set, but I’m still figuring out which posts I like and what days I want them to be on. So I thought, since I have no verses to give you, that I’d share a few of my favorite songs. Unlike Caturdays, I do really like having a music post. It’s somehow different. I don’t know. I’m tired. I’m going to settle down and start reading the  book for Tuesday’s review. (Which Beth will be happy to know I’ve finally…

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    Owl love you forever

    Happy Saturday! I’m still trying to figure out a good format for the fashion posts. I feel like I need to introduce them, sort of, so that y’all know what will be going on. But I haven’t figured out what all is going on yet. So it’s not working as smoothly as I had hoped. First of all, I’d like to do a rundown of the week’s outfits… because I saw someone else do this and I kind of liked it. It might reveal a theme. Or maybe not. (Click on it to see the bigger picture.) and then there’s today: I really don’t have a theme. Which outfit was…

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    Goals and Polls

    So I’m sitting here with  no makeup, wet hair that’s currently falling out of a bun, in a dress and tights, and with only one shoe on. That should give you a picture of how scattered my brain is today. First off… I’m thinking about getting rid of the food day. I mean, I love food and all, but whenever I sit down on Thursdays I can’t think of anything good to blog about. I’m just not a food writer. I’ve actually been thinking about replacing Thursdays-Saturdays, because they’re all topics that I like but that… I generally don’t have much to say about. Since I like to have pictures…

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    Poems and florals

    SO last week I was not very successful in writing every day. My laptop charger cord hasn’t come in the mail yet (let’s hope it comes today!) so I haven’t really made myself sit and write. I worked a little bit on The Jester… but other than that my chaptered stories have been sorely neglected. I did, however, write a poem that I am currently trying to illustrate to make into a children’s book. Here’s a rough draft of what the illustration will look like… because I love it so much I can’t keep it a secret until Wednesday. He’s simple, but he’s my monster and I love him. The…

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