Poems and florals

SO last week I was not very successful in writing every day. My laptop charger cord hasn’t come in the mail yet (let’s hope it comes today!) so I haven’t really made myself sit and write. I worked a little bit on The Jester… but other than that my chaptered stories have been sorely neglected. I did, however, write a poem that I am currently trying to illustrate to make into a children’s book.

Here’s a rough draft of what the illustration will look like… because I love it so much I can’t keep it a secret until Wednesday.

He’s simple, but he’s my monster and I love him.

The only other thing I have to show for my writing this week is that short story up there which is… more of an exercise than actual writing. I keep crossing my fingers and hoping that once I get my laptop cord, I’ll start writing more than I have been.

I have nowhere to go today, which means… I can be lazy. I only put on foundation for the sake of the pictures.

Okay. I’m gonna go eat some food, curl up in a chair, and finish reading Wicked.