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    Styled By Emily: Oaxican dress and polka dots

    Today’s outfit post is a bit different for two reasons: one, Emily styled what I’m wearing (and she’s wearing an outfit I styled for her, too — check it out!), and I styled my friend Sarah and bribed her to come take pictures with me. Okay, actually it wasn’t very hard to get Sarah to take pictures with me — we used to do photoshoots together all the time, and she’s been my model on several occasions. Sarah and I have been friends for somewhere around 7-8 years; I don’t remember exactly when I met her, because it feels like I’ve known her forever. She’s one of my best friends,…

  • Photography

    Fairy of the Woods

    I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately (although if you check my Facebook page, I’ve posted a few bits and bobs, but not much), but I’ve been really uninspired to put words to the pictures that I have. I’ve got a camping trip, an outfit post, and a 4th of July day all photographed, but… ah, I don’t know what it is with words lately! On Wednesday, I did a photoshoot with my friend Sarah– isn’t she gorgeous? We had a blast tramping around in the woods, pretending she was a forest fairy (or a Disney Princess– while we were shooting, a fawn came up within ten feet of her…

  • Wedding

    Wedding Pictures, Part One: The girls

    We finally got our wonderful, wonderful wedding pictures from the awesome Ivory Button, and I’m SO excited to start sharing them with you! There are a million pictures and I love all of them, so I  will be doing an all-wedding week this week, ending with a super exciting giveaway from Simply Bridal on Friday (so be sure to stick around and see what it is!) Part one, as the title of this post might suggest, is all about me and my girls (and my family). Mr. Owl and I elected not to see each other until I walked down the aisle, so we took all of these pictures before…

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    Return of the bunny snatcher!

      Sarah and I also did a vampire photoshoot (we’re terrible at being vampires, by the way), and I’m still editing most of them, but I thought this might amuse you.  She took my bunny. 🙁 Have a fun Monday!

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    We need a Rochester. Any volunteers?

     My friend Sarah and I had a photoshoot yesterday. We took 640 pictures, and out of those… approximately 30 turned out. In the rest, we were laughing. Or making faces. But here are the good ones, for your enjoyment. (Yes, we climb trees in Vintage dresses. Because we’re cool like that.) And yes, I had fun editing these. Can you tell?       I think this one looks like a movie poster. Yes. I’m supposed to be dead. And yes, I know. I forgot to round these corners. You can see the full set of pictures on Facebook, as well as some outtakes. Because we are pretty much total spazzes. I hope…

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